What is the best advice you’ve received from someone in the sport?

Ooooh, that is a tough one. I am honestly not sure I could pick one thing after all those podcast episodes with really good advice from many people. However, what is coming to my mind is Evie Serventi, my sports psychologist and dear friend (also podcast guest here, here, here, and here), who reminded me to be kind to myself. While I had been told versions of this advice in my past, it really stuck when she told it to me during my peak years as an elite, and especially during the build up to running for Great Britain and Northern Ireland in the World Champs; we really dug into it. 

Having that mindset has changed my whole approach to my life as it made me realize that why do I treat others with love and respect when they make mistakes or when they are not perfect, yet I hold myself to a standard that is impossible to attain. By allowing that voice of kindness and empathy to come through (and let’s be honest, at times having to force it through, when the inner critic is yelling in my ear), has really helped me not only to feel better and happier, but to do more. It takes away a lot of the fear, and recognizes or appreciates the courageous attempts to do things, even if they go wrong. For so many years my inner critic ruled everything I did; now I love that being kind to myself is a state I can easily reach (although it has taken years of practice).

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