Meet the team.

A HUGE thank you to Sandy Guiterrez for the beautiful photos of Tina all over the website. Check out Sandy’s work here.

Tina Muir

Founder &  Host

Tina believes running is a vehicle for social change. She not only sees running as a metaphor for life, but about being vulnerable and courageous about the things that matter. That’s why she started Running for Real as a business and Podcast in 2017.

Originally from St Albans, England, she currently lives in St Louis, Missouri (in the US). While she’s mostly known for putting a stop to professional running shortly after representing Great Britain and Northern Ireland in a world championship, Tina is now a mother of two girls and is enjoying her postpartum return to running supported by Altra Running who signed her during pregnancy. Tina’s story of her nine year battle with amenorrhea (RED-S) went viral, ending up all over the internet including People Magazine, Glamour, Outside, Women’s Health, and more.

With Tina’s vision, Running for Real is growing into a movement of runners encouraging each other to be brave, get out of our comfort zones and take tiny steps toward shaping the world we want to see. Voted as one of the 17 women changing the world of running by women’s running magazine, Tina has inspired many others to speak out about their own passions.

If you meet Tina in person she’ll likely weave in the climate crisis into the conversation and before you know it, you’ll be committed to composting your food at home before you realize it. She’s getting better at meditation, slowing down and letting go. For a recovering people pleaser and habitual “fixer”, that is not easy, but we can all keep striving to grow each and every day.

Maria Vargas

Communications Lead

Maria is Communications Lead at Running for Real and loves bringing ideas to life. Maria’s background in innovation, business thinking, and marketing allow her to contribute to Running for Real in brand storytelling, copywriting, social media management, podcast show-notes, and business development.

Maria was born in Bogota, Colombia and currently lives in Austin, Texas. She considers herself a multi-hyphenate and is an avid reader, triathlete, musician, writer, artist, drone pilot, photographer, vegan baker, and outdoor enthusiast. She’s also co-founder of Prickly Pear, a movement empowering you to discover the courage within yourself for improving your world and making a mark upon it.

What Maria loves the most about Running for Real is the intersection of running with humanity. She believes in the power this community has for transcending differences and contributing positively to the world around us. Keep up with her adventures.

Jeremy Noessel

Podcast Editor & Audio Consultant

Jeremy Noessel has been the Podcast Editor and Audio Consultant for the Running For Real Podcast from the very beginning. A guitar player, singer, songwriter and audio engineer who has played and recorded with various bands, he has an ear for detail and an artist’s perspective.

Jeremy briefly ran on his high school’s varsity XC team in his freshman year. After an injury sidelined him, he turned his focus from sports to the performing arts and didn’t run again until a few years ago in his early 40’s. Having casually begun with Jeff Galloway’s Run / Walk method, he now trains seriously on the undulating topography of southern Rhode Island for race distances from the 5k to the half marathon. There’s a solid chance he’ll wind up on trails, an ultra marathon, or some outlandish excursion down the road.

Jeremy’s focus with Running For Real is for the podcast to sound great while maintaining the authenticity of Tina’s conversations with her guests. In addition to finalizing all the audio into what the audience hears, he has also helped Tina refine her equipment, recording space, and technical expertise and contributed to making Running For Real one of the top running podcasts.

Amber Moore

Community Manager

Hi there, I am the Community Manager at Running For Real, first starting off as Tina’s assistant doing ANYTHING that she needed me to do with her growing business. I do a lot of the behind the scenes type stuff, from the podcast to emails and engaging with the Running For Real Community. I have learned a lot and am very happy to be a part of the Running For Real future.

I grew up doing sports, mainly soccer and dance so running was always in me, just not HUGE distances. I didn’t really get into running until after I had my second child and even then it was just something to warm me up before I did some strength training. Then a terrible year happened to me and running saved me, that may be why I did 2 half marathons in that year. It made me have purpose and strength in my life again and I know a lot of you know what it’s like to have running be there for you, when all hope may be lost.

I have a lovely little family with my husband of almost 10 years and three kids. We all love hiking as much as we can and living in Utah we are very lucky to have that opportunity often. I have loved what Running For Real has done for me. I have learned so much about the running community, this sport is far from being a solo sport. I have enjoyed the engagement I have been able to do through running.

I am excited to see where Running For Real will go from here and the major impact it will have on the running community.