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Running For Real is not just a podcast. Running For Real is a way of life. Sure we cover general running topics and how to improve performance, but we also cover the things that make a true difference. And by speaking out our truth, admitting what we don’t know, and being willing to learn, we trust one another. We know that what we speak about we truly mean.

And that goes for the brands we work with too.

Saying no to around 80% of the brands that reach out. Turning down big companies. Standing our ground to recommend only the brands that we totally trust. THAT is what Running For Real brings to the table.

The brands we work with match the ethics, morals, and heart of Running For Real. Tina does not chase money or big names, but what she does chase, is the best for the people she cares about (that’s you!). And the brands we work with know this, the engagement rate far exceeds other brands in the space.

The brands Running For Real works with sign contracts over and over. The ROI keeps coming for many years to come. Tina has to believe in a product or service, but once she does, she will sell your product with fierce passion, and her audience listens.

The brands you see here are our biggest supporters, the ones who have been there through thick and thin. They are generous, thoughtful, and brave. Here is a little about why we appreciate them:



The Altra story is different from other shoe companies. That’s exactly why Altra shoes are different, too. Altra was founded in the back room of a specialty running store in Utah’s Wasatch Mountains. The founders noticed that despite the mass amounts of running shoes on the market, running injuries were continuing to get worse. So they decided to do something about it. The result? FootShape™ shoes with Balanced Cushioning™ platforms that encourage a more comfortable fit and a more natural foundation.


My husband Steve, wore Altra shoes for many years before I tried on a pair. They looked strange, and I was too shallow to give them a chance. Once I finally did, I totally understood what he was saying, these were the most comfortable shoes I had ever worn, and since that day, I have not gone back. Actually, I did put on a pair of shoes from a traditional running shoe brand about a year later…I took them off immediately, ick.

The wide toe box is my favorite part of Altra shoes, my toes are not squished in there, and now, the design team is absolutely crushing it, so you can’t even tell they are any different on the outside to “shoe shaped” shoes (as opposed to foot shaped). They have beautiful colors, styles, and innovation. You will rarely see me in any shoes that are not Altra. I have 6-8 pairs on rotation at any one time.

Beyond that though, Altra signed me (and Alysia Montano) onto their elite team when I was in my second trimester of pregnancy (and Alysia in her third). Outside Online wrote a pretty cool story about it, you can read that here. Altra is not afraid to do things differently, and they are proud of who they are, I love that. I am proud to be on a team with strong women from diverse backgrounds.


I love the Altra Torin 5.0 as a transition shoe if it is your first time trying Altra (that said, I still wear Torin multiple times a week myself).

I also love the Provisions as my other day to day shoe and Escalante Racer for road racing.

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Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily is the all-in-one daily supplement with 75 vitamins, minerals and whole food-sourced ingredients that work together to help the body absorb and synthesize these nutrients in a highly bioavailable form. Developed for athletes and high performers, just one daily scoop of Athletic Greens Ultimate Daily delivers adaptogens, antioxidants, prebiotics and probiotics and a superfood complex that help support the body’s nutritional needs across critical areas of health including energy, immunity, digestion and recovery.


With two young kids and a business to run, my nutrition is just not going to be where I would like it to be. Sure, I know what foods I should be eating, including the hard to find ones, but getting them in my diet with a hectic life, it just doesn’t happen. That leaves a gaping hole in the nutrition sense, but I am not a fan of taking 25 different supplements to get in what I need.

Enter Athletic Greens. It is the ABSOLUTE FIRST thing I do when i wake up in the morning, put a scoop into 12oz of water, shake it up, and drink it down. Knowing I get the antioxidant equivalent of 12(!) servings of fruits and vegetables before my brain even wakes up, well, that’s what I call a head start to the day.

You can get a ONE YEAR free supply of Vitamin D3/K2 when you sign up here.



Fuel your training with my go-to nutrition for long-lasting energy without the spike & crash. UCAN’s patented ingredient, SuperStarch, has the remarkable ability to provide a steady release of energy without spiking blood sugar levels. This helps you focus through long days, last longer in training, and keep hunger in check – without compromising your health.


Well, besides the fact I ran my personal best in the marathon (2:36) with UCAN as my only fuel source, and then ran in tights in the Boston Marathon 2019 despite it being 70 degrees so I could make sure I could carry my UCAN in my pockets, I use them in my day to day life too.

A day doesn’t go by without enjoying (and I mean that, enjoying!) one of their Peanut Butter Chocolate Bars or a few scoops of cookies and cream protein powder in oat milk. It keeps me fueled in my races and my life, without those crashes that make life a whole lot harder.

Beyond that though, UCAN has been a rock as I have transitioned through multiple stages of life. Supporting me in everything I do, giving all they can to the running community, it has been so cool to see them grow. And now, as I begin my trail running chapter of life, I can’t wait for them to join me there too.


Peanut Butter Chocolate bars and Cookies and Cream Protein Powder. There is also a vegan chocolate protein I love.

Get 25% off your first order with code TINAMUIR or 15% off for returning customers using code TINAUCAN15.



Tracksmith is an independent running brand. We honor the Amateur Spirit upon which the sport was founded and champion the Running Class – the non-professional yet competitive runners dedicated to the pursuit of personal excellence. We offer well-considered and authentic products for training, racing and recovery. In everything we do, we aim to celebrate, support and add to running’s distinct culture.


There are very few brands in the industry (esepcially in the apparel industry) who I believe truly care about the running world and all the people in it, who care about our community the way that Tracksmith does. They don’t just raise awareness and talk about making the world better, they do. From their programs supporting amateur runners (who are often left ignored) to their fellowship supporting creatives, to their interest in constantly striving to be more inclusive to more people. Tracksmith walks the walk.

And that doesn’t even begin to mention their clothes. The quality is just so high, and you can only really understand it once you experience it. I don’t know a single person who has got a Tracksmith item and not totally loved it. They are comfortable, durable, and made with so much thought.


Brighton Base longsleeve and Session shorts.

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Momentous is a nutrition company with the mission to create no-compromise products and tools that support the endless improvement of personal performance. We leverage a one-of-a-kind network in professional sports to transfer knowledge and practices from elite sport into thoughtfully designed products, built for anyone who wants to get the most out of what they do. Our vision is to redefine performance supplementation by bridging the gap between brands we couldn’t trust, and product lines we couldn’t understand.


Being a runner often means walking the line between a little too much and not enough to reach our potential. In that, our weaknesses are exposed, and it can be hard to stay healthy. I have been through plenty of injury prone stretches, and likely will again in the future. Momentous Collagen Peptides are a great way to give your joints and ligaments the extra support they need to keep injuries at bay. Getting enough sleep is another huge way to recover better, but it’s not always easy to get enough when your mind is running, I like that Momentous has figured a way to help us fall asleep and stay asleep on those nights we need it.


Momentous Collagen and Elite Sleep. Or if you are training for a big race you really want to crush, Momentous Creatine will help a LOT. Get 20% off using code TINA here.