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Hi friend, welcome to our community!

When I first think of the word “community”, I think of our local community center in my small town in England. I think of bake sales and seeing friends bundled up on Fireworks night drinking hot chocolate or mulled wine as a child.

Today, like everything else in 2020, the word, “community” has gone global. We don’t need to be in the same place to feel a sense of togetherness, to feel part of a group, to feel heard, understood, and that you don’t have to navigate through struggles alone.

That is one of Running for Real’s biggest missions, creating a self-sustained community that looks after the people in it. A common ground where running is a shared interest, but where people discover they have so much more in common. A place people can trust to connect with others who are facing the same struggles and find the motivation to keep powering through. A community where people can become empowered to make an impact on movements like the climate crisis and social justice. Above all, the Running for the Real community is about discovering a deep appreciation for the people who love to run.

Below are the various Running for Real community spaces you are welcome to join. Feel free to join as many or as few as you’d like. We’re glad you’re here!

Running for Real Superstars

The Running for Real Superstars is a Facebook Group that fellow runners can join as a place full of conversation, support, and encouragement. It’s where you can feel comfortable sharing your struggles and others will chime in and support you.

This community is about respecting and connecting with one another. It’s a diverse group who share a passion for running and are all on different journeys. We keep it real by lifting each other up through tough times, and we celebrate the small win and breakthroughs.

So come join us, you’ll be welcomed right away and get to enjoy meeting the rest of the community. It’s okay if you want to observe at first and join in whenever you’re ready. We’re glad you’re a part of this.

How about simply joining the community through your email inbox?

We know you don’t need just another newsletter, your email is swamped, but this email newsletter is different! Firstly, we don’t bombard you with tons of spam – It comes out every Monday, and we share a thought for the week (although not going lie, the word “thought” almost doesn’t do it justice, it’s often a pretty long thought).

It’s intended to be an insightful, revealing experience that might make you think differently about the way you view the world, and most importantly, yourself. It is hard to stop reading…or so we’ve been told :).

This newsletter also keeps up to date with the latest podcast episode, and provides few things like – books, podcasts, TV shows, or articles that caught our eye.

This newsletter is not just how you get to know us, but how we get to know you too. We get a lot of replies every week and we love it!

Come join us, see you next Monday!

Running for Real Patreon

Loving what you see?

If you are a longtime fan of Running for Real and you’d like to support our team, for the price of a cup of coffee you can support us through Patreon. This allows us to keep developing our community, and ultimately do our bit to make the world a better place.

We’re proud to employ three wonderful team members who help run the business, provide content, put things together, edit, and basically, keep our heads screwed on, and bring to life new ways we can support you.

We understand that a lot of the products we recommend and the partners we work with are expensive, and not everyone is privileged enough to be in a situation to afford it. But if you want a way to support us with a little each month, that can go a long way. Your support may seem like it wouldn’t make a difference, but it really does.

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