The world is finally reaching a place where mental health is becoming a priority. As runners we know the power of mental health, we know what running means to us in that way. It helps us to reduce stress, deal with things that we have no control over in our lives, and in many situations, it is a therapy.

But working on your mental health during your runs is not always enough. These brave thought leaders are out there sharing their story and highlighting the importance of speaking out about mental health, about things that you are struggling with. Some of these episodes are very sensitive, as they cover topics that are upsetting or close to home, but if you want to learn more about how to feel more confident within your life and those around you, these episodes are all powerful.

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Bonnie Kelly- 17

If you want to improve your mental toughness, belief in yourself, and strength, this is the running for real episode for you.

Suzy Favor Hamilton- 36

The scandalous behind the scenes story of Suzy Favor-Hamilton, three time Olympian who ended up as one of the top escorts in Las Vegas because of undiagnosed bipolar disorder. Suzy is honest and real, and as a mental health advocate is doing what she can to help others.

Matt Davis- 79

Matt Davis is the founder of Obstacle Racing Media with an incredible sense of humor. There is a lot of laughter in this episode, but this episode is about a serious topic that we have not yet covered; depression, especially bipolar disease. Matt shows incredible bravery in telling his story and this is an important discussion for all of us to participate in so we can learn and be available to help others in our lives when they are ready for taking the step to get help.

Guy Winch- 92

Guy Winch gave one of the top 5 TED talks on the subject of “Emotional First Aid” in our every day lives. Do we really need to deal with every emotional “injury” that we have right away? Well, do you take care of your physical injuries in a timely manner? In reality, probably not but then what ends up happening if you aren’t taking care of your physical injuries? They end up getting worse don’t they? It isn’t always best to just put a “band-aid” on our physical or emotional injuries. Having this chat with Guy helped me to truly learn and understand how to take care of myself, physically and emotionally. Something that really struck me was there are no “one size fits all” solutions for everyone because we are all different. Just like we all train differently, we all have different ways to help ourselves emotionally.

Melody Moore- 95

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and starting to make a better you for a better new year. I can not think of a better person to start off my 2019 podcast year than Melody Moore. With her experience as a psychologist, she has a wonderful take on life that I absolutely loved to learn about. She talks about how we need to “be present” in our lives and how to celebrate ourselves so that others can love themselves. Crazy concept, I know but completely needed in order for our running world to continue to grow and build one another up. All in all make this your year. Love yourself, every bit of you. Be present. You may be surprised by the joy you find in the everyday moments.

Anxiety Disorders-139

Here as a special treat for my audience I am doing a series of mini episodes that may not be related to running at all. They are just everyday topics that we don’t necessarily want to talk about. In today’s episode I have Ken Johnson, a psychiatrist and a Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to talk about Anxiety Disorders. He has some great insight as to help you or someone you know on how to manage anxiety in the healthiest way possible. I hope you enjoy it!


Here is episode #3 of the Beyond Running Series where we are talking about Suicide with Shelli Gordon. I do have to say, she is such a brave individual in talking about this tough subject. Again, my goal for these episodes is to help people not feel so taboo about them and to make these subjects easier to talk about. I hope this episode can help you or someone you know to become stronger.

Miscarriage and Pregnancy Loss-147

On this special episode of the Beyond Running Series it’s about a tough subject, miscarriage. Again, my goal of these short episodes are to bring a voice to those tough subjects we don’t necessarily want to talk about but, we need to. I hope this episode helps to empower you and to help you or maybe your loved ones feels that they are not alone.

Jeff Warren-158

There could be many reasons for someone to start running or why they may need running in their lives. Some reasons may be it is for them to get through a hard time in their life or a new found love for health and wellness. Or would running be someone is actually “running” away from their problems? Jeff Warren speaks on meditation and how sometimes instead of just going and going all the time we NEED to just stop and face the problems. And there may be a little treat at the end of the episode for you!

Michael Gervais- 168

My favorite psychologist is on the show today, one of the greatest performance psychologists of our time and someone you will absolutely want to learn from, if you do not already. Dr. Michael Gervais is on the show today, and discussed vulnerability, courage, living up to expectations, whether it is possible to balance it all, goals, and so much more. This was one of the most enjoyable podcasts I have ever recorded! I can’t wait to hear what you think about Michael who has worked with athletes from all over.

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