By now you have probably heard of Oiselle, the running apparel brand for women, changing the running world through sharing their journey of vulnerability and openness, and celebrating the whole athlete, rather than just their athletic performance.

With athletes like Kara Goucher, Lauren Fleshman, and Stephanie Bruce proudly wearing their clothes, Oiselle is determined to show that success is so much more than medals, podiums, and rankings, for every runner.

Sally talks about how running saved her life in many ways, and how our communities and friendships can make all the difference to how confident we are as people.

She tells us why she chose the name Oiselle, and I even ask whether it was worth the confusion of many people becoming confused by the word. We also get to hear the story of how Sally enticed Lauren Fleshman into their brand… and how the team responded when they knew Lauren had bought in (you will love their reaction!).

Sally understands that running with joy is about the feeling of freedom and flight. When you are on a run, the ability to be present in the moment and have our bodies taking us through the world is the most beautiful thing, and something only runners will understand.

We talk openly about the broken relationship between USATF and Nike (and how this partnership is locked in till 2040!!). You will learn many things otherwise untold about the dark side of running, and then how you can make a difference in your world, with the decisions you make to improve the running industry by helping with causes that are meaningful to you.

This episode is powerful and vulnerable. Sally does not do many interviews, so I was honored to talk to her today, and I think you will learn a lot too.

Today’s Guest

Sally Bergensen

Founder and CEO of Oiselle, an athletic apparel company. Known for being a running and women’s activist who speaks up for athletes and is trying to make the running world a better and more fair place.

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Sally’s Power Pose

Resources Mentioned

Last week’s interview with Nicole Detling 

Oiselle website

Oiselle Volee 

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