Running injuries are so frustrating. Running injuries can make you feel depressed and alone (read this blog post if you are feeling that way). Running injuries make you feel like you may never run healthy again.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. You can and will run injury free… if you make some changes. As much as we tend to blame outside factors for our injuries, the reality is, if we look deep down, we know we overdid it somewhere. Only by learning from that mistake will we be able to prevent future injuries.

I have gathered some of the best experts to talk about this topic, and about how to get you back on track to feeling good and building your training up to where you want it to be. These episodes will help you assess where you are, and figure out what you need to work on in the future.

If you want to understand your injuries better, these Running For Real Podcast episodes are for you. Find the Running For Real Podcast on your favorite podcast player Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, Castbox Overcast, Spotify, Google Play and iHeartRadio Anchor or click the links below to find the show notes page for the episode.

James Dunne-  3

If you keep getting injured or feel completely overwhelmed with all the information about strength, stability, and flexibility, James Dunne is here to help.

Tom Goom- 30

Tom Goom of the Running Physio is one of the best physiotherapists for understanding runners. Tom gives us realistic advice for how to sort through the overwhelming amount of information about injuries, and help yourself get better, rather than worse.

Max Paquette- 64

Learn from one of the best, Max Paquette, who specializes in biomechanics and is considered an expert in running shoes. We move back to a more scientific look at running with this episode, because I know many many runners have an interest in how their biomechanics influence their racing and running. We also discuss the question every runner wants to know: is there a best shoe?

Tom Michaud- 96

What an amazing chat with Tom! This guy obviously KNOWS what he is talking about. An experienced chiropractor, for when it comes to the body and how every muscle works. He discusses how every body is different. Proving the “one size fits all” does NOT work for everyone, especially as our bodies age. He even points out an important muscle which can help, if not prevent, plantar fasciitis. What he teaches us here is that correct exercise will help prevent the need for long periods of recovery or invasive surgeries. 

Amy Bender- 107

Sleep. Would you ever imagine this could be the most important aspect of your training? Well, it is! In speaking with sleep expert, Amy Bender, she breaks down how to fall asleep, guidelines on naps, and how to handle stress.

Brad Beer-116

Brad Beer is one of the best physiotherapists out there and a dear friend of mine. He has a wonderful perspective on ways to run injury free, because he has been there. Going through the struggle of being injured, being frustrated, and not knowing how to fix it. Brad has been able to experience pain free running as well and knows it is possible to achieve. Come and listen to his ideas and wonderful perspective on pain free running.

Jay Dicharry-170

Jay Dicharry is one of America’s leading physical therapists, and for years, he has been the one to watch. He is the one who is helping us to get stronger, faster, and better with our running form. He is by far the most knowledgeable person on this topic I have ever spoken to, and he is here to tell us to stop neglecting our feet. We are going to find out just how much of a difference it can make to our running, and why it’s not just a case of finding a shoe that fits well.

Cindy Kuzma and Carrie Cheadle Jackson – 174

As much as we hate to admit it, injuries are very common in runners. We also veiw it as like a contagion that we do not want to “catch” from someone else. When you find yourself injured, it can feel like the running world has deserted you. On this injury-focused episode (although it’s not just for injured runners), we learn how to be a better friend to those who are dealing with an injury. Cindy Kuzma and Carrie Jackson Cheadle give advice on how to handle the emotions and mental side of going through injury.

I also have my Coming Back From Injury audio series, which has seven more episodes that are focused on getting you through the injury itself, especially the emotional/mental side of things. This has helped hundreds of runners to feel better while they are in the thick of injuries. You can find that podcast series here.

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