Who do I want to be when I grow up? Emma Roca. I have had the opportunity to speak to and learn from a lot of women, but Emma is someone who is the absolute definition of a strong woman. Emma from Team Summit, who represented Spain in the World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji has accomplished a lot. She has a PhD in biochemistry, owns three businesses, is a professional firefighter, world class adventure racer, and is a mother to three kids. That in itself would be enough to have us questioning if she is even human (and I ask her this in the interview), but above all that, the thing that stands out about Emma the most, is her attitude.

Emma is someone who gives her very best, but approaches life with humor and humility. We talk about being a mother, raising strong girls, and how to be a role model for children in your life (yes, even if you are not a parent). We cover the importance of a team or support network around you for whatever it is you are trying to do, and why we need to surround ourselves by people who believe in our strength. And we talk about how exercise can be a major way to destress (and don’t we need it right now!) even if it means you miss out on relaxing in other ways. Emma is truly one of the most motivating  women I have ever met, and if you do not already love her, you will after this episode.


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I would like to introduce you to Sophie Williams, she is doing a great deal for the anti-racist movement being an author of Anti-Racist Ally and Millennial Black (releasing in April 2021). She has been in so many articles in really getting the word out on how to be an anti racist. Welcoming you with her personality, you are just going to be hooked in and you just can’t stop watching her content. She is also located in the UK so go and check her out here as well as following her on Instagram  to show her your support. 

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