One Mile/Speed Training Segment


What’s Included

Up for a new challenge from your road-racing cycle? How about seeing just how fast you can run one mile?

In the 100% effort-based Running for Real One Mile/Speed-Training Plan, you’ll be given two workouts per week to build sharpness and speed and run your fastest mile. If you’ve wondered what your one-mile PR could be, this plan will give you the best opportunity to see what you can do. The workouts are fun, fast, and most can be completed (warmup and cool down included) in an hour.

The best part? Speed training actually helps us train for longer distances! Doing a speed-training segment before going into a marathon or half marathon buildup is something Tina did before every marathon, and she earned a PR in every marathon she ran as an elite. It works!

Tina’s husband and coach, Steve, took her from a 21-minute 5k to 16 minutes and has helped countless collegiate and post-collegiate athletes achieve personal bests they never dreamed possible. Training athletes to run fast in the mile is Steve’s passion. He has always kept his training methods secret until now, but the king of peaking runners when it matters is ready to share his secrets to success with you.

You’ll get workouts with pace recommendations for your speed (and help figuring out what that is), and a range of reps depending on how you feel that day and what you are ready for.

Purchase The One Mile/Speed Training Segment

This is a 10-week training plan with no minimum mileage. Your easy runs can be whatever distance you feel is best for you. The Running for Real One Mile/Speed-Training Plan is for any runner who wishes to improve speed. There are time trial opportunities to track your progress, and ways to handle schedule conflicts and still get the most out of your training.

Best of all, you’ll learn how to run by feel.  You’ll learn to trust your body to tell you what it is ready for, leaving you confident, prepared, and ready to run your fastest one mile.



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