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What’s Included

Decided that it’s time to smash your 5K and 10K PRs? The 100% effort-based Running for Real 5K/10K Training Plan will get you across the finish line in record time.

You may know that Tina has run a 1:13 half marathon and a 2:36 marathon, but you probably don’t know that she ran 16:08 in the 5K and 33:24 in the 10K. Her husband and coach, Steve, took her from a 21-minute 5K to her PR with his effort-based training.  Clearly, his plans work!

Steve has used his philosophy of running by feel to help countless collegiate and post-collegiate athletes achieve their personal bests. He’s kept his training secret until now, but the king of peaking runners for when it matters is ready to share his secrets to success with you.

The Running for Real 5K/10K Training Plan is completely effort-based. That means no GPS watch. There will be no prescribed paces; you’ll run entirely by feel. If you’ve never done that before, don’t worry. During the 16 weeks of this plan, you’ll learn to trust your body to tell you what it is ready for, leaving you confident, prepared, and in the best shape of your life.

All of the workouts in the 5K/10K training plan are clearly described, so that you not only will understand exactly what to do, but why you’re doing it.

There are sections on easy and recovery runs and on how to pace yourself to run over different terrain, although for a 5K/10K training plan, it’s obviously recommended that you do most of it on the track.  

This 5K/10K training plan will teach you how to:

  • Cross train effectively
  • Determine how many repeats to do in a workout, and how hard to do them
  • Establish realistic time goals
  • Use tune-up races as part of your training program
  • Decide how many races you should run
  • Get over a setback or an injury

You’ll get recommended resources and as a little bonus, a cheat sheet that explains all of those “runner words.”

There are two 5K/10K training plans: a 40-50 mile per week plan and a 60-70 mile per week plan. It’s okay if you’ve never run that many miles in a week before; that’s what the plans build up to. If you can comfortably run 25 miles a week, you’re ready for the 40-50 mile plan. If you typically run higher mileage, you can select the 60-70 mile plan.

Purchase Running for Real 5K/10K Training Plan

You may be thinking, “Why would I pay $100 for a 5K/10K training plan?” Well, not only was this plan created by a coach with a proven record of success, you can use it for the rest of your running life. Because it’s effort-based, you can use it over and over again, and it will always be the right plan for you. Not for other runners, specifically for you. You can keep setting it up for your level of fitness at any given time.

The Running for Real 5K/10K Training Plan really is something special, and you’ll be thrilled by the result when you cross the finish line in a time faster than you ever dreamed possible.


1 review for 5k/10k Training Plan

  1. Bonnie Galvin

    I have used Tina’s 5k/10k training plan for a few training cycles. Thanks to the effort-based training I can continue to use the plan over and over again and continue to improve! The Plan has a great variety of workouts, so it never gets boring or feels like a grind. I highly recommend this plan!

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