Life Happens Marathon Training Plan


What’s Included

You’re ready to take on the challenge of a marathon, but you’re not sure if you’re ready to take on the challenge of the training plans you’ve been looking at! They want you to run six days a week and upwards of 50 miles a week, and honestly, that just isn’t in the cards for you. 

Maybe with work, school, or family obligations, you don’t have that much time to devote to a training program. Maybe you need more recovery time between runs, something that’s often true for masters runners. In a perfect world you’d like to run higher mileage, but you’ve discovered that when you cross a certain threshold, you tend to get injured. Or maybe as much as you love to run, you love doing other things too, and you don’t want to spend all of your free time running.

You’re starting to wonder though, is it possible to run a marathon with the amount of training that you’re able – or willing – to put in?  If you can run four days a week, ranging from 25-45 miles per week, yes it is.

Like all of our plans, the Running for Real Life Happens Marathon Training Plan is completely effort-based. That means no GPS watch. There will be no prescribed paces; you’ll run entirely by feel. If you’ve never done that before, don’t worry. You’ll learn how to trust your body to tell you what it’s ready for, leaving you confident, prepared, and in the best shape of your life. When it comes to race day, you’ll know exactly what effort to run.

Over 15 weeks you’ll build up slowly to 25 – 45 miles per week. You should have two weeks of comfortably running 20-25 miles before starting. If you haven’t reached 20-25 miles per week yet, you can get there  with the Running for Real Base-Building Plan.

All of the workouts in the Running for Real Life Happens Marathon Training Plan are clearly described, so that you not only will understand exactly what to do, but why you’re doing it. We suggest a training schedule, but we understand that while we may say to do your long run on Sunday, that may not work for you. So in addition to “our” timetable, we give you a timetable to fill out yourself to fit your life, with a full explanation of how to structure your week.

Purchase the Life Happens Marathon Training Plan

You’ll get exact instructions on your long runs, on your workouts, and on your easy runs. Life happens, so you’ll get suggestions on how to fit your runs into your schedule and how to move them around if you have to.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Pace yourself correctly
  • Cross train effectively
  • Determine how many repeats to do in a workout, and how hard to do them
  • Establish realistic time goals
  • Get over a setback or an injury
  • Fuel correctly
  • Use tune-up races as part of your training program
  • Use the terrain of your marathon to your advantage

You’ll get recommended resources and as a little bonus, a cheat sheet that explains all of those “runner words.”



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