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Maybe you’re a beginner runner. Maybe you used to run regularly, even ran some fairly high mileage, but life got in the way and your running fell by the wayside. Now you find it hard to believe that you ever ran those distances!

You’d like to train for a marathon or half marathon, or increase how much you run – not necessarily for a race, just for the satisfaction of getting out there more often and for longer distances.

But how exactly do you do that? Plans like Couch to 5K are terrific, but you’re beyond that stage. You’re not at the 20-25 mile per week starting point that many race plans call for, though. How do you bridge the distance in between?

That’s why we created the Running for Real Base-Building Plan. If you can run 30 minutes continuously, three times a week, you’re ready for this next phase of your running journey. You’ll begin by running four days a week for a total of 8-11 miles, and during the ninth and final week, you’ll cover 23-25 miles over four to five days.

After you’ve completed the Running for Real Base-Building Plan, you’ll be confident in your ability to run most days of the week, and be ready to start one of our marathon or half marathon training plans, if racing longer distances is one of your goals.

Like all of our training plans, the Running for Real Base-Building Plan is 100% effort-based. There’s no stressing over paces; you’ll listen to your body and do what feels right for you on that day. The first seven weeks of the plan are all easy running – at this base-building stage, we’ve focusing on increasing stamina, not speed.

This plan is designed to make you a sustainable runner – someone who can enjoy running and all of its benefits long-term.

If you decide to train for a marathon or half marathon, we have three levels of plans for each of those distances. The highest mileage plans top out at 60-70 miles per week, and the middle plans go up to 40-50 miles per week. But if that mileage seems like more than you’re in a position to take on right now, we recommend our “Life Happens” plans.

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This is a 9-week plan that will get you ready to begin training for a marathon or half marathon, or simply enable you to run more often and for longer distances than you currently are.

100% effort based, with no prescribed paces, the Running for Real Base-Building Plan will culminate in a 23-25 mile week, with a long run of 7-8 miles. You’ll finish it feeling confident that you’re ready for the next part of your running journey.



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