What are some maternity-friendly training gear or clothing brands? 

I tested out a lot of different products, and some of my favorite items are no longer being made, which is such a shame, and I hope that does not represent that brands are moving away from them. Brooks Juno was my favorite bra, but I was told recently they are no longer making it. Molly T. has a really cool bra, which I found wasn’t quite tight enough for me, but if you are a little smaller than I was, it might be helpful for you.

I also really liked the Lululemon Enlite, which wasn’t a nursing bra, but they do have a front zip version, which helps. It was really comfortable when I had big boobs that I wasn’t used to. That said, I think Cadenshae is doing a fantastic job with giving women cute clothing that fits well and is functional for life as a pregnant and postpartum woman. I had a lot of their bras and clothing, and I really liked all the items I had.

One thing to note though, is that your boobs will change sizes A LOT during pregnancy and postpartum, which is a bit frustrating as you either have to purchase a few in different sizes and just wash the one that is your current size endlessly, or purchase them in one size and wear bras that are not quite right a lot of the time, either too big or too small. During my pregnancies and postpartum periods I went from a 32C all the way up to a 34E (so I needed C, D, DD, E, then back down again). And sometimes I also changed my band size.

I would recommend having at least one of the biggest size for those early few weeks post-baby; you will need that support. You can also wear that really big one on top as you start to come down in size, wearing an additional nursing bra underneath. That’s how I got some more life out of mine, but the unfortunate reality is that there is a lot of changing sizes and it’s going to require multiple sizes. Maybe you could ask a friend to see if they have any to share with you. Then when you’re done with them, you can pass them on to a Buy Nothing group, or a friend who might need them. 

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