iRunFar is one of the premier trail running and ultra running websites. They have everything you could ever need. I have not yet completed either a trail or an ultra race, but people like Bryon and Meghan make me more and more tempted… once I can run properly again.

This podcast is packed with helpful information on how to excel on trail and ultra races, from two people who know it better than almost anyone else. They are experienced, they get in depth interviews with the most elite and most experienced ultra runners out there, and they are constantly researching to give us everything we could ever need.

We chat about post-run (and pre-race) interviews, and why they are so appealing. Could it be that we like seeing that human side of people, seeing the triumphs and tragedies, watching their stories unfold.  There is something so appealing to runners about just chatting with other runners, those who understand us and support us.

We discuss Bryon leaving his job to focus on iRunFar (even though at the time he was only making about $200 a month!!), and how to know if your blog is worth pursuing.

I ask them for three tips on how to be successful in trail and ultra marathon races, and why a good support network is absolutely critical, especially when your motivation has gone.

This episode is for you if you already love trail and ultra races or have one in mind for sometime in the future. Bryon and Meghan have so much wisdom from all their years of working in the running world, and they are here to share it with you. If you want the truth, not the paid sponsorship, but real, honest reviews and feedback, this is for you.

Today’s Guests

Bryon Powell and Meghan Hicks

Founders of iRunFar, Bryon Powell and Meghan Hicks have more wisdom and experience for ultra and trail runners than almost anyone else. Listen to how this super website came about, and what they have learned from the best ultra runners in the world (Meghan being one of them!).

What You Will Learn About

  • Why Bryon quit his job as an attorney and moved to Yosemite to work on his small scale running blog (and now look where iRunFar is!)
  • Their thoughts on the future of ultra and trail running, and if it will continue to grow…  and why there is a difference between the US and European trail/ultra running.
  • Why two runners, no matter what level, ability, or speed, just having a discussion is one of the most cherished things a runner can experience.
  • Bryon and Meghan’s three tips for runners looking to do their first trail or ultra race (after interviewing hundreds of runners, and their own experiences, these are fantastic!).
  • How to choose which ultra or trail race to do (and why the famous ones are not necessarily best)
  • How to know if trail/ultra races are worth a try for you
  • How to pick apparel, shoes, and gear for ultra races

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Meghan and Bryon’s #R4RPowerPose

Inspirational Quotes

One of the funnest things about trail and ultra running is that it is a sport that requires both a fit body, but also a wise mind.- Meghan

I don’t think as the years go on, I necessarily perform better just because I have done more events, I think I have to be fit in order to physically perform well.- Meghan

The more events you do, the wiser you do get, and you get to see, sometimes wisdom can surmount physical fitness.- Meghan

Runners let their guards down, tell these real stories of sometimes trials, sometimes tragedies in the racing aspect, not through human tragedy, but through racing tragedy, and the organic low key aspect we try to do helps.- Meghan

The ultramarathon experience lends itself to a good story.- Meghan

Sometimes you can be doing things for years and years and years, and then suddenly it just catches on in a whole new way at a whole new level.-Bryon

If you are going to do something solo, stick to not only what you know best, but what you enjoy the best. Theres really no point in trying to become something if it’s not what excites you or what interests you.- Bryon

Nutrition is an underlooked component in ultras; it is also the hardest part to nail. Practice really does make perfect when it comes to nutrition. – Meghan

Pick something that really lights your fire. This has to be fun, so pick a race that requires you to run trails that are interesting to you or run routes that really light you up, so on the days your body is feeling tired, your mind is still really into it.- Meghan

Follow your passion, something that is just gonna keep you motivated from beginning of your training to your race. It has gotta be something you enjoy, just cause something is famous, if it is gonna be a miserable experience for you, don’t make that your first ultra. Make it something that will light your fire. – Bryon

You have to make some mistakes to learn how things work and how your body reacts and how your mind reacts to the later part of the race. Mistakes are an inevitable part of being an ultra runner. The key is to not make the same mistake twice.- Meghan

If you are being a student of the sport, and being patient and persistent in your training over the years, there is just a downward trend. There can’t be a elimination or error or just bad circumstance or fatigue in an ultra marathon. Its just gonna happen sometimes, to everybody. – Bryon

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