Nutrition for runners is so complicated.

I wish it wasn’t so, and I tried a few years ago to create a podcast series to make it easy for runners to understand what is best for them. Unfortunately though, I can admit that in many cases, it created more confusion than anything.

The reality is, there is no best diet. No one way to eat that works for everyone. We all have different bodies and different situations that change how much our body needs.

However, the experts I have had on the Running For Real podcast are episodes I refer back to over and over, and if you truly want to make nutrition a focus, I strongly recommend giving these a listen. It may not give you a sample diet plan, but it will help you to understand once and for all. As the old proverb goes, Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.

If you want to understand nutrition for runners better, these Running For Real Podcast episodes are for you. Find the Running For Real Podcast on your favorite podcast player Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Stitcher, Castbox Overcast, Spotify, Google Play and iHeartRadio Anchor or click the links below to find the show notes page for the episode.

Nancy Clark- 25

Nancy Clark is one of the pioneers of sports nutrition, and guess what, she is NOT going to tell you to not eat certain foods. There are no good and bad foods, just unbalanced and balanced diets, and if you eat too clean, your diet is not balanced. This is real, authentic, and refreshing to hear.

Renee McGregor- 33

Healthy eating for runners has overtaken our lives. Taking the joy out of food, and making us obsessed with weight gain or loss. Stop the cycle! Listen to this podcast episode with Renee McGregor about finding balance as a runner, without removing the foods you love.

Dr Emily Kraus- 70

Pelvic, hip, and sacral injuries in runners can stop you from doing what you love for weeks or even months, and they are becoming more common. What can we do to stop them from happening and how can we make sure what we eat is helping us to stay healthy not making us injury prone?

Meg Schrier and Jessi Haggerty- 89

What we eat as runners can make all the difference. From how fast we run, to how we can stop getting injured, or to how we feel as people. No one knows the topic of eating well better than Meg Steffey-Schrier and Jessi Haggerty. Body image is something we all struggle with. These registered dietitians give us step by step guidelines on overcoming eating disorders, whether we are eating enough or not, finding a support system, and in the end growing to love our bodies. Because well, our bodies are amazing!

Renee McGregor- 99

The notion for thinking “Food is Fuel” always comes to our minds as athletes, whether we are elites or recreational ones. We all know that food is an important part of our training, then why do we have such social stigmas around it? Renee McGregor is a performance and eating specialist dietician, who has helped anyone ranging from elite athletes to performance organizations, who may deal with this stigma. As you do these things, your body will take care of you and you will find a love for who you are.

Angelo Poli- 126

Angelo Poli has been through his fair share of difficulties when it comes to managing weight when you don’t have the opportunity to workout regularly. What else do you have? Nutrition. Now, this is definitely a subject I don’t like to talk about because I don’t like telling people to restrict certain foods, but what works for me won’t work for other people. Angelo speaks on how we are all different! Come and learn how to manage your metabolism as it constantly changes in order to fulfill our goals.

Dr Jennifer Gaudiani-159

It seems that we should know by now to celebrate body diversity but how come it seems we still struggle with it? Well, one of my favorite people Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, who specializes in disordered eating, speaks so much truth on this subject. She speaks on the reality of food and just how capable our bodies actually are. She has really great insight which has helped me with my relationship with food tremendously.

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