What makes a “good” runner?

Ooof! Well, that is quite the question! I believe we each have a different answer for that one. One of the beautiful things about running is that there are so many reasons people run, and our answers may change over time, which I think is wonderful.

If you asked me what a “good” runner was five years ago, I would have told you something along the lines of, someone who competes at the local level and finishes in the top third of their field. 

Now? I believe what makes someone a good runner is that they love what they do. It is not about where anyone finishes; I think the real challenge, and the real beauty that comes from our sport, is when we are able to hold on to that joy of being able to run because we want to, because we love it, and because it makes us a better person. It is easy to slip into complacency and take each run for granted, but what makes someone good is that they recognize and appreciate what a gift each and every run is. That could be a world class athlete who sees the Olympics as an opportunity to enjoy themselves or it could be the person who finishes last in a local parkrun. I love that about our sport!

Does that definition make me a good runner? Sometimes? Working on it?  😉

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