Is it safe to run during pregnancy? Should I start running in my third trimester if I haven’t been running up to this point? 

I can’t answer that question fully for you. And I know you’re going to roll your eyes, it’s the last answer you want to hear, but I’m going to revert to what you knew I might say, which is ask your doctor about your specific situation. BUT, or AND, to give you my best suggestion on what I would do, I would need to know a few things. Primarily why you have not been running up to this point. If it was something that stopped you running, I would ask you why it’s okay now and if it is really worth it at this point when your body has been responding better to something else or at least been getting by with something else.

Generally, yes, it is safe to run during pregnancy, and I likely have answers to all your questions about running in pregnancy and during the postpartum period in a few different places. I created an audio series that has interviews with experts that will give you all those answers; you can find that here. I also created a written pregnancy and postpartum guide with everything I have learned since having my two daughters. I asked multiple experts to answer each question I had in this guide, so it is very extensive. You can find that here. I would check those out first, and again, check in with your doctor or healthcare provider to discuss whether it is okay for you.

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