As marathons and full races are starting to come onto the scene again, in this episode we welcome someone who talks about training for and preparing for a marathon, along with fun topics of creating running music playlists and the current rise in podcasting. 
Matthew Huff is a writer, runner, running playlist extraordinaire, and author of Marathoner: What to Expect When Training for and Running a Marathon. In this episode, Matthew shares about his love of books and how his book about marathoning culture came to life. 

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In this episode we cover…
  • Matthew’s new book about a what to expect when training for and running a marathon. He also writes for many of the publications you may know and love, including Buzzfeed and Runner’s World. 
  • We talk about a love affair with books: “I’m envisioning like in Beauty and the Beast, how she goes into the library. With the ladder that you can climb up and swing around the room on your ladder. But then just imagine that she took all of those books and moved into a New York tiny apartment.”
  • The rise of podcasting: “Not everybody can write a book. Not everybody can make a T. V. Show about a topic. But if there’s a topic that you’re really passionate about, you can probably find one other person who’s passionate about that and make a podcast about it.
  • How his new book celebrates the people who run the marathon as well as include pictures, graphics and full color charts with information and training advice for the marathon. There are few books that contain both the training advice and the history and fun facts of running. This new both has both and goes beyond to share the beautiful crazy parts of running and welcomes all types of runners into the sport. 
  • We also talk about curating running playlists. Are you a jazz-listening runner or classic rock that puts a spring in your step. 


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Marathoner: What to Expect When Training for and Running a Marathon

Runner’s World

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