Physical health and mental health go hand in hand. As a high school and later a college athlete, Emma Abrahamson shares about her habits as a competitive athlete and how they led to a decline in physical and mental health, but also her story of unearthing a well-balanced lifestyle that not only helps in performance but keeps her body and mind happy. 
Emma followed a different path after college, as she started a Youtube Channel blogging about the running world. She’s someone who is shedding light on many issues athletes face with regards to body image, physical health, and mental health. She also has a popular food Instagram, One Crazed Foodie, a line of nutrition bars Crazed Foods, and her own podcast, Convos Over Coldbrew.
“I feel confident in who I am as a human being not as what I look like. I feel, even though my body is bigger or different, I just feel so much more confident in my body.” –Emma Abrahamson

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In this episode we cover…

  • Looking after your body and overcoming amenorrhea/RED-S
  • How you can take a moment of boredom and make something out of it! Emma shares how she started her Youtube channel as a simple vlog with her iPhone and it grew steadily.
  • Body image as she shares how her college self thought about her body and now how she has evolved to be more accepting. 
  • Culture change within high school and college sports with regards to mental health and body image.
  • What causes the disconnection between your body and your period. Emma shares how getting out of shape helped her mental health. 
  • Importance of surrounding yourself with people who lift you up, because they’re the ones who will help encourage you to know yourself and keep living a healthy lifestyle.


One Crazy Foodie on Instagram.
Emma’s personal Instagram @emmaabrahamson
Crazed Foods nutrition bars

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