Everyone knows the stories of the pros. The professionals, the experts, the people who already have found their confidence, their strengths, but what about the other runners. The rest of the running population, who have been through some real struggles, but have never had the opportunity to share their stories, their experiences, their courage with the world.

At Running For Real, we try to do exactly that. Give a voice to those who are inspiring and motivating, but those who often are forgotten as they are not at the front of the race. This time it is through a live show. We are bringing you meet the Running For Real Superstars Community live from the California International Marathon Expo.

I am excited to bring up Janae Barron, the mother has gone from a 3:20 marathon to 2:50 marathon, and was at CIM to attempt to run an Olympic Trials qualifier. Janae will show you that even if something seems intimidating and too high to reach, what do you have to lose in trying to reach it?

Joe Retherford lost his sight age 17, and was at CIM to complete his first marathon. I had the honor of being his guide the day after we recorded this episode. But Joe’s story and learning to love his life post vision loss is inspiring, and wonderful to see how running played a big part.

Charissa Lin never saw herself as a runner, always thinking as an Asian American that sports weren’t her thing, so why even try? She has now completed the marathon majors, and taken her personal best a long way since her first marathon. Many physical setbacks along the way could have stopped Charissa, but they didn’t, and for that, we admire her dedication and love.

Listen to these three runners share their triumphs, setbacks, and what they have learned. THIS is what running for real is all about.

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