Join running industry voices Tina Muir and Knox Robinson on a mission to explore running culture as a vehicle to realize its fullest potential. A combination of the thematic focus and journalism of The Daily with the audio aesthetic and creative storytelling of This American Life, the show will be a fresh and important addition to the global running community.

We want to understand what is happening and know what we can do to help uplift underrepresented genders, celebrate and include different cultures and backgrounds, and address the environmental impact of running. Running Realized is a space to explore, discuss and provide insight to create meaningful change.

The twelve-episode, Season One will be available wherever you find your podcasts beginning Monday, February 22nd, 2021. Go subscribe now on your favorite podcast player, so episode one will come right to your player on that day.

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Tracksmith is a Boston-based running apparel brand, born from a desire to celebrate both the history and the evolving culture of running. Their team works to create a space where stories and conversations from all corners of the sport are welcome. They believe that stories have the power to both inspire the next generation and grow the sport. And they know that conversations drive change and empower new perspectives. Check out the Tracksmith Journal at to learn more.

Running Realized is hosted by Tina Muir and Knox Robinson. Produced by Jon Phillips. Original music and editing by Daniel Brunelle. Cover image created by Mari De Monte and Toby Kelleher.

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