It can be easy to get complacent in our running.

When it has been a while since your last injury or you end up going through the motions with your running, it is hard to find the drive to keep challenging, keep finding new ways to be better.

These podcast guests have stories of overcoming traumatic and terrifying life situations that could have held them back forever, but they didn’t, they found a way, and are here to share how they did it.

If you need a little inspiration in your running, a way to shake things up and chase something new, this is for you.

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Rob Jones- 22

Must listen inspirational interview. Double amputee Rob Jones is not just a bronze medalist in the paralympics, but he is now on his next challenge to run 31 marathons in 31 major cities in the US, Canada, and the UK, in 31 days.

Colin McCourt- 59

Colin McCourt was an elite British athlete trying to qualify for the 2012 Olympics, but he quit running, for good. Over the next few years Colin gained 50lbs, and did not run a step…until a bet with friends that he could not break 16:00 in the 5k by the end of the year ignited a new lease of life for Colin.

Chau Smith- 62

Chau Smith was in the Vietnam war, runs with shrapnel in her leg, and worked multiple jobs simultaneously, all while she raised her two daughters in a country she was still learning to understand as a single parent. Chau is one of the toughest women I have ever met, and she shares her story of running 7 marathons in 7 continents in 7 days for her 70th birthday. What are you waiting for?

Siri Lindley- 90

There is a power that accompanies sharing your struggles. As you share, you allow others to join you on your journey. When you let go of excuses and share your failures, you help others believe in their goals too. Having Siri Lindley on for today’s episode really inspired me, in words that I can not every describe! She speaks on gratitude, girt, appreciation, and taking on the impossible. I love this quote she shared with me “make your purpose be other than yourself”, don’t keep people out of your story. No excuses and take on your power!

Justin Gallegos- 104

Have you felt you may be limiting yourself? Because of fear? Failure? Rejection? Or another factor creeping around in your mind? Is it stopping you from reaching your full potential? Well, the guest today helps you truly understand ways to clear your mind and to take on those feelings. Justin Gallegos, a Nike sponsored athlete who has taken on many challenges and knows how to tackle them. We learn how only your mind is your limit to your full potential. Don’t let it get in your way, EVER!

Visual Impairments-141

Episode #2 of the Beyond Running episodes is here, with Rich Hunter. Who started off his career as being in the Navy with the goal of becoming a Seal one day but a degenerative eye disease stopped him. Now, Rich makes a difference in other peoples’ lives with being the voice for blind runners out there. I loved learning more about his journey as well as how we can make a better impact in this world too.


For this beyond running episode we are talking about a great organization, Achilles International, where they provide aide to runners with disabilities. Now, running with a disability doesn’t always mean you can see the disability. It can be a brain injury, beating cancer, being hearing impaired, or having a sight impairment. I absolutely LOVED these quests because they use to be volunteers until life happened.

Mirna Valerio- 152

Mirna Valerio is one of the greatest role models for life. The Mirvinator knows how important it is to believe in your strengths, to surround yourself with people who make you feel good, and stay true to who you are. Mirna calls herself a fat runner, and is totally okay with that, she is confident in what her body can do, and is able to remove the power from criticism of those who disagree with the way she lives her life. We all need the Mirvinator in our life to inspire us to be just who we are, no matter what the world tries to tell you.

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