I love to learn different perspectives on the world. Hearing ways to become your best self and find more joy along the way are things I am very interested in.

For you, if you love to learn from inspiring people and thought leaders who are taking a stand to make the world a better place, these Running For Real Podcast episodes are for you.

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Bonnie Kelly- 17

If you want to improve your mental toughness, belief in yourself, and strength, this is the Running for Real episode for you. Bonnie has been through a traumatic childhood and come out the other side stronger, more aware, and happier. It can be possible for you too.

Mo’Ath Alkhawaldeh- 41

Runners know how good running makes us feel, but what about runners in war ridden countries or places of conflict? This 2:25 marathoner from Jordan is an advocate for positive change, and believes running can make our world a much better place.

Bhumika Patel- 42

Bhumika Patel has become the inspirational face of women’s running in India, and is considered one of the 21 women changing the running world. Learn about Bhumika’s story, and what she is doing to help show severely underprivileged groups how running can motivate, empower, and give confidence in every area of life.

Manal Rostom- 61

Manal Rostom is brave, honest, and real. Not only with us, but with her approach to helping women in cover to feel part of the running community. Before Manal reached out to Nike, there was nothing really making women in cover feel included, no one to inspire them or be a role model to them…now that person is Manal!

Amelia Gapin- 65

Amelia Gapin is a transgender runner who was a cover model in 2016 on Women’s Running. She is a true role model for others and helping us to see an issue that often does not get attention.  Amelia and I tackle some of the controversy around LGBTQ runners and their struggles.

Melody Moore-095

I can not think of a better person to start off my 2019 podcast year than Melody Moore. With her experience as a psychologist, she has a wonderful take on life that I absolutely loved to learn about. She talks about how we need to “be present” in our lives and how to celebrate ourselves so that others can love themselves. Crazy concept, I know but completely needed in order for our running world to continue to grow and build one another up. All in all make this your year. Love yourself, every bit of you. Be present. You may be surprised by the joy you find in the everyday moments.

Damon West-118

If you think that you may have hit the lowest of lows in your life, whether it is a race time you just can’t reach, an injury, or something in your personal life which just keeps you down. Damon West may be the one for you to hear, from starting out as a college football star to winding up in prison with a LIFE sentence. Come and listen to how he has decided to make his life useful, in his words, to help anyone and everyone who will listen to his story.

Clare Gallagher-129

It truly hurts my heart every time I see yet ANOTHER documentary talking about our climate change and how we are still not doing enough to change it. Well, people like Clare ARE doing great things for the environment and I loved learning how she tries to have an impact for the better on our Earth. She is also an incredible ultra runner being the fastest known time on the Zion Traverse Trail.

Lauren Fleshman-136

How is it that people who truly have it all, fame, health, and fortune, can still be depressed? Well, it does happen A LOT. Having this chat with Lauren Fleshman made me wonder how we can try and stay away from feeling depressed or not satisfied with our lives. She truly became REAL in showing us of being satisfied with your life does NOT me you can’t be happy and can’t keep challenging yourself.

Thabang Madiba- 146

I really did love having this chat with Thabang Madiba, what a happy happy person. Which funny thing is, his name means “happy” or “happiness”. He really does just take what he has in front of him and works with it no matter what his circumstance is. Thabang does not take his situation and say “whoa as me”, he loves life and just wants to make time on this world the best he can.

Billy Yang-160

Real and authentic, these two words are ones that I strive to build the Running 4 Real podcast around, by showing what running at any level can look like. Billy Yang, a wonderful film maker displays just that raw feeling of self doubt and exhaustion we all can experience in a race. By filming people while they race in half marathons, marathons, ultra-marathons, and trail races. Showing us how we can build ourselves up even when we could be feeling at our worse.

Kara Goucher-166

Now I know there are many brave people out there who have stood up for what they believe in but this persona had a special place in that area. Kara Goucher, a wonderful person who stood up to a big corporation because of her belief, that body shaming is NEVER ok. Although, standing up for what you believe in can never be easy even if you are in Kara’s situation of being an elite runner. The lesson that I have learned from this episode is to show that I am brave enough to stand up for change.

Alysia Montano -172

Alysia Montano has made the running world better in more ways than we can count. First she paved the way as one of the best middle distance in the world. Then she spoke out and forced policy changes for pregnant women and those on maternity leave through her #dreammaternity campaign. Now she is working hard in her third pregnancy to make the world a better place for women. Speak up for what you believe in, fight for what is right, and be yourself. Proud to be joining Altra’s elite team with this supermom.

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