In this media world that we live in, feeling totally confident in your body can be a tough thing to do. It shouldn’t be, but it is. I have covered the ways to build confidence in your body in this article, but sometimes we need to hear it from someone else. We need to hear that others struggle too, and what they did to overcome that.

These episodes all feature strong women who have had personal or public attacks on their bodies, but have learned to love their bodies for what they can do. If body image is something you struggle with, these are for you.

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Nicola Rinaldi and Heidi Greenwood- 9

Athletic amenorrhea or hypothalamic amenorrhea is more common than you think. This podcast discusses dangers, and how to start recovery of missing periods.

Kelly Roberts 32

Kelly Roberts is one of the faces of women’s rights and redefining strong in every body shape & size. Kelly shares her struggles and how you too can overcome

Candice Huffine- 77

Candice Huffine is an international renowned fashion model who is doing a lot for the running world on her way. Candice is on a mission to encourage and inspire women to begin their own running journey. She has also launched a size inclusive clothing line for women, Day-Won, and she is a great role model for us all to believe in the beauty of our own body, no matter what size we are.

Meg Schrier and Jessi Haggerty- 89

What we eat as runners can make all the difference. From how fast we run, to how we can stop getting injured, or to how we feel as people. No one knows the topic of eating well better than Meg Steffey-Schrier and Jessi Haggerty. Body image is something we all struggle with. These registered dietitians give us step by step guidelines on overcoming eating disorders, whether we are eating enough or not, finding a support system, and in the end growing to love our bodies. Because well, our bodies are amazing!

Sarah Canney- 115

Alright I have had medical professionals on the Running 4 Real Podcast to talk on eating disorders but this may be our first time to have someone on who went through it. Sarah Canney, someone who I have admired for awhile now, and rightfully so, she is an incredibly brave and amazing woman. She went through both Anorexia and Bulimia for years and her recovery went on for 9 years. She talks about her experience and the challenges she had to go through. She is an example that full recovery is possible!

Dr Jennifer Gaudiani-159

It seems that we should know by now to celebrate body diversity but how come it seems we still struggle with it? Well, one of my favorite people Dr. Jennifer Gaudiani, who specializes in disordered eating, speaks so much truth on this subject. She speaks on the reality of food and just how capable our bodies actually are. She has really great insight which has helped me with my relationship with food tremendously.

Kara Goucher-166

Now I know there are many brave people out there who have stood up for what they believe in but this persona had a special place in that area. Kara Goucher, a wonderful person who stood up to a big corporation because of her belief, that body shaming is NEVER ok. Although, standing up for what you believe in can never be easy even if you are in Kara’s situation of being an elite runner. The lesson that I have learned from this episode is to show that I am brave enough to stand up for change.


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