If you are looking for a unique episode, this is it.  It is about social change.

This episode is for anyone who may have an alcohol or drug problem or feel socially isolated.

Richie gets into the positive physical and health benefits running can do for us.  He elaborates on this by explaining the positive social aspects of connecting to people and to the world in general.

He explains why it is difficult for people to come over to the running side, stick with it. and trust the process.   We discuss how joining a runner’s group could transform your life.

Our conversation leads us into talking about drugs and alcohol and the social connection they are used for.

He states many people who feel isolated or lack confidence find what they need in substances.  He gives us a list of ways we can come away from a bad situation in our lives to gain confidence without the use of drugs and/or alcohol as coping mechanisms.

We discuss how the amount of time we spend on our training/running can leave us socially isolated as those using drugs or alcohol don’t understand our perspective.  He gives us ideas and options to use to compromise with friends for socializing instead of dissolving the whole relationship.

He describes what changes in his life have led him to be an advocate for social change and to be an example of a life someone would like to live.  He shares how his friends who are still using alcohol and drugs are helping him, as well.

Switching gears, we talk about how the bad things that happen to us, like injuries, can actually be good things in the long run if we learn from them and share with others.  He gives us examples of this from boxing to posting your honest authentic thoughts on social media.

Today’s Guest

Richie Hardcore

Richie Hardcore is a martial artist and Muay Thai boxer from New Zealand who uses running as an essential part of his training and for those he trains. He has run seven half marathons and one marathon to date. Richie is an advocate for social and political change. In addition to being a speaker on mental health, runner, and radio host, he is also a community worker reducing alcohol and drug harm.

What You Will Learn About

  • How being authentic can inspire others.
  • How you can gain confidence in your life without drugs or alcohol.
  • Why the bad things that happen to you in life are not always bad.
  • How everyone has the potential of helping someone else.
  • How Richie advocates for social change.

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Richie’s #R4RPowerPose

Inspirational Quotes

If you just start, everything else will fall out of that.

Social connection is vital for just our mental health and our emotional health.  And, yet, we are living in a world that is increasingly isolating us.

I believe you become a mirror for people around you when you take strong value-based stances like that.  And people don’t always like what they see.

I always say that, when you fight, you either win or you learn, you know.  There is never a loss.  Because whenever you don’t get your hand raised in a fight you obviously haven’t done something as well as the other person.  It allows you to come and explore what the gaps in your game are.

Resources Mentioned

Last week’s interview with Camille Herron

Brene Brown

Richie’s website

Richie on Instagram

Richie on Twitter

Richie on Facebook

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