Last week I shared episodes with the professionals that are currently leading the ranks, winning medals and chasing big dreams, but what about the fast runners of the past. The ones who were doing it without the fast shoes or the technology behind them?

These runners were out there because they loved the challenge of going up against others and giving it their very best. Each of these have something inspiring to teach us, and will remind us of what truly matters.

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Steve Jones – 20

Steve Jones is honest, real, and doesn’t hold anything back, this episode is for you if you love to hear about running without complications, at a time when running was just getting out there and being the best you can be.

Benji Durden- 45

We love running stories, this episode is packed with them. Benji Durden has a smoking fast PR in the marathon of 2:09, and has run 25 sub-2:20 marathons in less than a decade’s time. He has battled cancer multiple times, all while still running marathons, and not letting expectations ruin his running experiences. Inspirational interview to change your perspective.

Kim Jones- 48

Kim Jones may have run a 2:26 marathon, but that doesn’t mean running was easy for her. With tragedy after tragedy in her life, she could have allowed it to destroy her confidence and what she was able to run, but instead she used it to motivate her to do even better.

Chrissie Wellington- 74

Chrissie is a role model for others and has so many different passions, using them all to assist others around the world. She is open and outspoken about her struggles with eating disorders.  Chrissie is a role model for others and has so many different passions, using them all to assist others around the world. She is open and outspoken about her struggles with eating disorders.  

Anne Audain- 76

Anne Audain was the first female professional runner. Originally from New Zealand, Anne was born with deformities in the bones of her feet. She went on to break down the barriers for women runners and in sport in general. Anne was banned (temporarily) in 1981 for accepting prize money at a track and field event. A truly inspiring story of overcoming physical and societal roadblocks to achieve what is possible in your life.

Jeff Galloway- 84

Jeff Galloway, former Olympic runner and professional running coach, ran his fastest ever marathon at the age of 35 running a 2:16…taking walk breaks! Jeff hasn’t dealt with a running injury in over 40 years and has coached over 1 million runners to feel as great about running as he does. We talk about his secrets to success, what keeps him passionate about running after all these years, and why he feels the Run Disney events are some of the best races out there.

Ryan Hall- 105

There are people who may come into our lives who can make a true impact on us, no matter what they have done. Some of you may know, Ryan Hall, have you heard of him? Well, if you haven’t just one of his accomplishments include running seven marathons on seven different continents in seven days! Yeah you read that right. This episode is not all about running goals, Ryan tells us how we can find our callings in life, whatever it may be. He points out ways to find out what we are capable of no matter the task.

Deena Kastor- 117

Have you ever had those days where you just keep having these negative thoughts about yourself? Whether it is about your running, your home life, your work life, or even your personal life. How do we guard ourselves from these thoughts? Deena has great insights on how to handle negativity and how we can make ourselves be more than just runners, because we are!

Sally Gunnell-131

In our sport of running, it can be known as a selfish sport. We are only worried about OUR nutrition, OUR workouts, OUR times, etc. So, how can we make it not be known as a selfish sport? Sally Gunnell, who has been a HUGE name in the running world, not just for her running but for being a leader in showing people how to having a healthy lifestyle can improve your life.

Bill Rodgers-138

What a man Bill Rogers is, not only a legend in the Boston and New York City Marathons, winning both FOUR times, but a true genuine man about his experience in running. We discussed how hard it is to run well when there is a target on your back and how the running world has changed, but is it for the better?

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