Psychologist Guy Winch’s passion is “getting people to prioritize their emotional health and give them tools to do that with and concepts to understand it with.” He was already a TED Talk speaker and the acclaimed author of Emotional First Aid and How to Fix a Broken Heart when he was a guest on the podcast, but so much has happened since then!

He became TED’s first columnist with his science-based advice column, Dear Guy.  In 2020, he launched the Dear Therapists podcast with his co-host Lori Gottlieb, where they provide insights and actionable advice in real-life sessions. 

His career highlight so far, though, occurred just last year. He had the honor of being invited to 10 Downing Street to speak to the UK government and give them his recommendations for emotional and mental health policies to institute across the UK. He has a great story about arriving at the Prime Minister’s residence! 

Guy has already reached millions of people through his books, talks, and podcasts, but, he says, to “start the ball rolling in some small way over something that can really be good for the entire nation and just to have that privilege and to be given that opportunity is not something I would have ever dreamt would happen.” 

In a few weeks, he’ll be addressing a branch of the US government on the same topic. In the meantime, he reminds everyone that “there are two aspects to your well being; there’s physical health and there’s your emotional and psychological health. I separate emotional health from mental health because mental health is kind of, once you have a diagnosis of something, once something is very wrong. Emotional health is all the stuff that precedes that, is just your general well being, and there’s so much we can do for our emotional health on a daily basis.”

You can get links to all of Guy’s books and talks on his website and follow him on Instagram.

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