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We’ve all heard the saying, “A Journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” Putting on a sustainable race can seem like a VERY long journey, but by deciding that that’s what you want to do, you’ve already taken the first step!

Getting yourself a copy of the Becoming a Sustainable Race Toolkit is the next one, and we will make it easy for you to keep moving forward with your sustainability goals, one step at a time. If you don’t know what those are, we will carve the path for you.


 The Becoming a Sustainable Race Tool Kit is just that – a resource that gives you the tools you need to make your race more environmentally friendly. Designed for small to medium races, it breaks down the barriers to putting on an eco-conscious event.

Tina Muir has worked with major races, including the AJC Peachtree Road Race, the Bank of America Chicago Marathon, the California International Marathon, the TCS New York City Marathon, and the TCS Toronto Waterfront Marathon on their sustainability initiatives. She is also the Sustainability Director for the World Athletics Road Running Championships to be held in San Diego in 2025. In that role, she has created and will be in charge of the execution of Team San Diego’s sustainability plan for the event, which organizers intend to make the most sustainable race there has ever been.

While they may not aim that high, many race directors would like to make their races more sustainable, but lack the resources. Those resources are what Tina provides with the Becoming a Sustainable Race Tool Kit.

The Becoming a Sustainable Race Tool Kit includes downloadable guides for runners and volunteers; sample text for races’ websites; graphics for social media; and email templates to use for information campaigns and to reach out to suppliers and members of the community. By doing much of the work for them, these resources enable race directors to reduce their environmental impact with a minimal outlay of two things often in short supply – time and money.

Purchase the Becoming a Sustainable Race Toolkit for $197 here.

Publishing 77 pages on paper is not particularly “green,”, so the Becoming a Sustainable Race Tool Kit is in PDF format – putting on a sustainable race starts right there!



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