Overcoming Amenorrehea. Get Your Period Back. Get Your Life Back


What’s Included

When Tina Muir made the decision to step away from her career as a professional marathon runner in order to regain her menstrual cycle, her story grabbed the attention of the world. News outlets like People Magazine, ESPN, Runner’s World, Glamour, SELF, and many others covered her story.

After spending nine years hiding her secret and countless hours having bloodwork and testing done and exploring medication and naturopathy, she made the radical decision to step away from her career in order to get her period back.

But perhaps even more shocking was her decision to share her story openly with the world in the hopes of helping others faced with similar dead ends and disappointments.

Complex and often misunderstood, the menstrual cycle is a sensitive topic in athletics, often brushed over by coaches and teammates and hidden by those struggling to maintain a regular cycle.

Muir leads the reader on a journey to discover their own root cause of amenorrhea with gentleness and poignant honesty.  She covers everything from exercise and stress to the prevalence of eating disorders in sport, and removes the filter of shame and secrecy so often associated with a missing period.

In Overcoming Amenorrhea you will:

  • Discover hidden strengths, talents, and joys that running may have prevented you from finding.
  • Learn how to love your body regardless of its size.
  • Recognize the behaviors that caused amenorrhea for you in the past, enabling you to prevent it in the future.
  • Identify what health looks like for your body.

Candid, informative and relatable, Overcoming Amenorrhea is an essential guidebook for every woman who has fought the battle of amenorrhea. You no longer have to fight alone.

PLEASE NOTE- This is an ebook/PDF. If you are looking for a physical book, you can find it here on Amazon.

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