Role models are often people you see from afar and only hope to meet.  In this episode I meet and talk with my role model, Kara Goucher, and see the real and vulnerable side of her.

This episode is for runners, mother runners, and those who know a mother runner.

We dive right into running and motherhood.  Kara shares her thoughts on starting a family while having a successful running career, and how becoming a mother has changed her.

She shares her personal experiences of lack of support and roadblocks with races and her sponsors.

Kara gives us some advice about coming back after having a baby.  She shares what she would have done differently with her comeback.

We discuss the issue of her body weight, which has been a topic throughout her career before and after her child’s birth.

Kara recalls her experience running at the Olympic trials and describes what she was thinking during the last 4 miles.

We discuss her reporting the Nike Oregon Project to the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency and the possible repercussions it could cause her.

She gives us her views on what the sport of running could do to get out of the hole it is in related to doping.

Today’s Guest

Kara Goucher

Kara Goucher is an American long-distance runner.  She won a silver medal in the 2007 World Championships in the 10,000 meters, and participated in the 2008 and 2012 Olympic games.

What You Will Learn About

  • What roadblocks and lack of support she has experienced with races and sponsors since becoming a mother runner.
  • What the worst part of her career was.
  • Why Kara gave up the last 4 miles in the Olympic trials.
  • Why Kara is no longer with her sponsor, Nike, after 12 years.
  • What advice Kara gives to those who are struggling or injured to keep hanging in there.
  • What ideas Kara has on preventing cheating from happening in the sport of running.

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Kara’s Power PoseInspirational Quotes

Losing my father at such a young age just makes me more appreciative of all the people I have in my life and all the time I have with the people I care about.

All you can do is focus on what your own journey is.  And nobody’s is the same.

I care about companies that care about people in the long haul.  And that care about every type of runner.

Just remember, the body is a miraculous thing.  You will get better.  You will get through it.

Lean on your running friends.  Just believe.  It takes just one good day to just turn everything around.

I am only asking myself to do what I have proven to myself I can do in training.

Resources Mentioned

Last week’s interview with Andrew Jones 

Kara’s articles on Oiselle blog

Kara’s website (where you can find about the retreat)

Kara on Twitter

Kara’s Facebook page

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