My husband Steve is on the Running for Real podcast this week in this special edition for my birthday in a few days. This episode is essentially broken into three parts:  the serious training and how you can be a faster runner, his version of my amenorrhea recovery, and what life is like with a pregnant Tina.

We discuss training philosophies and the mistakes runners make over and over again… and why it leads to injuries and disappointing results if you do not correct the training mistakes. We talk about why effort based training really is the best way to approach your running, regardless of where in the world you live or what you are training for. Steve talks about collegiate running, and how he learned what worked best for each athlete, situation, and location.

We then talk about dealing with the loss of periods, and my decision to stop running at the pro level to get my menstrual cycles to return. He also shares why he is proud of me (ahh). Although I haven’t had any particularly strange cravings, you will laugh at what we do share.

We dive into the past, the present, and the future, and this is one to get a closer look into the life of this husband and wife. Steve may be a LOT quieter and less open than me, but I think you are going to love getting to know him.

Today’s Guest

Steve Picucci

My husband, coach, and resident psychologist. Steve is the Head Coach at Division I university Morehead State in Kentucky. He coached me through all my PB’s and has helped hundreds of other runners to run faster than they ever thought they could.

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