Join me for a workout? After our regular mental and physical check in, we do 5 x 1 minute hard (with 1 minute recovery) together. We check in with our senses and surroundings and wrap up the 30 minute with another check in. The 45 minute group will do an additional 2 x 1 minute in the final 15 minutes.

There is no pressure, paces, or expectations here. We are all just doing this for enjoyment and to work hard together. It does not matter what speed or training level you are at, join me for this pickup workout.

Would appreciate your thoughts on these workouts. Do you like them more or less than the runs. I may add them in once a month.

Part meditation, part run, all Tina. Would love for you to join me.

No sponsor for this episode, but I talked about Athletic Greens (you can use this link to get a one year free supply of Vitamin D with your order) and I talked about Beam. You can use code TINA for 15% off everything on their website.

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