This episode is like eavesdropping on some friends’s conversation– we welcome Sabrina Little and Sara Mahoney, two of Tina’s close friends. We have a great dynamic between Sara, a professor of exercise physiology and researcher of nutrition and ultra-endurance performance. We also have Sabrina who is a professional ultra runner for Hoka, a philosophy professor and a mom to a 6-month-old. We loved getting to learn about each how each of these worlds– one more scientific and one more philosophical– are intertwined with running. 

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In this episode we cover…
  •  How Sabrina’s trade of reading things that people have read for hundreds of years helps her ask the questions about what it means to be human. These deep questions we often don’t pause to ask, unless we’re maybe on the trail or running.
  • Sara shares about FKT’s (Fastest Known Times) and how they differentiate from Strava segments which are smaler sections. She says FKTs can be created more of an experience and with more formality.
  • On mental toughness…Sabrina shares that she has researched and written about this topic.  “Oftentimes we hear these phrases like, ‘no pain, no gain,’ or ‘pain is weakness leaving the body.’ It’s indifferent to the kinds of pain that we’re talking about. So if we’re talking about injury, then no pain no gain is just imprudent, and it’s poor stewardship of your body. If we’re talking about pain in the way that people often describe discomfort, then that’s a kind of edifying pain, but I guess it takes a bit of prudence or experience to know the difference.” 
  • On knowing your limits…Sara shares, “You don’t have to like you don’t have to take everything so seriously. And be yeah like you know as you said, it’s okay to do it on occasion for like an experience where you’re finding your limits but you don’t have to do it three times a week every week.”
  • See running as a celebration, not as a test to see if you’re good enough or worthy enough. 
  • We will always good days and bad days, but the important think is to keep working on it over time and move the needle closer to a place of self-love. 
  • If you see others doing it, it tells your brain it’s possible you can do it too. 


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