Running in any capacity is impressive to the average person, but to the average runner, what ultra runners are able to do is impressive. Running more than a marathon requires a lot of work, and soul searching to survive.

These ultra runners have completed some feats that are unfathomable for most of us, but it is easy to be inspired by all they have learned, and I dare you to listen to these without wondering, “well, could I?”.

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Magda Boulet- 16

Magda Boulet did not just excel in one distance, she has won masters mile races all the way up to winning Western States 2015 (and finishing 2nd in 2017). Listen to her real, helpful advice for us to run our best in every race.

Camille Herron- 43

Winning Comrades marathon, setting the world record in the 100 mile race by over an hour, how does Camille Herron bounce back so fast? We find out, and hear her journey to reach healthy running and enjoying her training. Camille has done a lot of research on bone health, and this episode is sure to inspire.

Courtney Dauwalter- 63

Can you imagine running a 100 mile race? How about a 240 mile race? Courtney Dauwater is winning races outright (men and womens overall winner), pushing herself harder to levels few can reach. This is one inspiring interview with a mentally tough runner who just wants to have fun and enjoy running. Listen to how she went totally blind with 12 miles to go in a 100 mile race, was falling 8-9 times per mile, but still continued and won the race! We can all learn from this super ultra athlete.

Dean Karnazes- 81

Dean Karnazes is one of the heroes of our time. Having run 50 marathons in 50 states in 50 days, and running 350 miles continuously, he is a true inspiration. Dean opens up in a way he has never done before, being truly real with us, especially about his latest endurance ultramarathon event; the spartathlon. Dean is raw, honest, and motivational to all.

Hillary Allen- 175

In need of a kick of inspiration? Hillary Allen’s story will remind you of what matters. After establishing herself as one of the best trail and ultra runners in the world, Hillary fell down 150 feet down the side of a trail, a fall that could have killed her. Hillary survived, and went through devastating amount of surgeries in the months following her accident. Hearing she will never run again. Somehow through vulnerability, compassion, bravery, with a new sense of passion, love for her body and sport.


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