It is exciting to follow the best in the sport. To see them complete feats that seem impossible to the rest of us. It is also great to look behind the curtain, to get to know the real person behind the speedy legs.

I try to bring on elite runners that are not always known about, the ones who have inspiring stories to tell, but are not necessarily on every podcast out there. Each of these runners has been through a lot to get to where they are, and I also challenge them, asking difficult questions, and making them confront some thoughts that maybe they have not before.

If you love to learn from the pros, these are for you.

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Emma Coburn- 38

Emma Coburn was the first American to ever win a world championship in the Steeplechase and she shares her story, from the start all the way to that magic moment in 2017

Matt Llano- 69

Matt Llano has a half marathon PR of 1:01:47, marathon PR of 2:12:28, but although he has run really fast, this podcast focuses on discussing the importance of being open and vulnerable and using that to feel more powerful as a runner and person. Matt is the perfect person to talk to about this, and you are sure to be inspired by his words and decision to come out as the first openly gay American professional runner.

Jared Ward- 72

Jared Ward is a Dad, a Husband, Olympian, runner, and coach. Learn about running form and which shoes can best support your body’s preferred running style, injuries he has worked to overcome, and how to prepare for and run well in the heat, from both a physical and mental perspective. If you want to learn some tips for focusing on the mental skills you need to succeed, this interview provides you tools you can implement into your running and racing strategy no matter what your overall pace might be.

Emelia Gorecka- 80

Emelia Gorecka is an international distance runner best known for her running with scoliosis. When she’s not training she spends time helping to promote issues affecting female athletes. Emelia is incredibly focused on listening to her body and she will teach you a lot about how to listen to your own body and find ways to build a support structure around your running to help you to build resilience.

Jake Wightman- 85

Jake Wightman is a British, elite 800m and 1500m runner, who is here to give us advice on how to train for middle distance races. We talk about how to keep the pressure off, so you do not feel so nervous going into your races, and what it felt like to win the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile this year. If you think pro runners make running look easy, take a listen to this, Jake will have you thinking otherwise, and allow you to learn more about running better along the way.

Sarah Crouch- 86

A professional runner going 4 years without a single PR. In ANY distance. That would be enough to crush you, make even the most mentally tough runner doubt themselves, but Sarah Crouch held on to her desire to run fast, and kept putting herself in races; marathons and half marathons, until finally it came. When she ran as hard as she could from the start, and held on. First woman at Chicago Marathon, with a tumor being removed just days before the race, this is one inspirational woman.

Steph Bruce- 93

What an amazing woman Steph Bruce is and the true definition of being REAL. From giving mothers who are in postpartum, advice which helps them to feel they are not alone. Whether it is from their eagerness to get back out there and run or to even enjoy the time off ;). Steph even tells how she managed to learn from a “bad” race, by not just taking it as a bad experience but LEARNING about it. To grow and build on that experience to where she dominates another marathon shortly afterwards! I still can’t believe the true GRIT from these women and it was such a joy to speak with her. Come and enjoy our lovely chat!

Hayley Carruthers- 127

On today’s episode we have an unusual duo with a runner and her coach on. Hayley had just started running in 2016 at a Parkrun no less and has taken on running by storm. Today we learn the dynamics of how she started running and how she is still enjoying it without getting burned out. And of course with her incredible London Marathon finish this year, crawling. A true example of giving it your all!

Shannon Osika -154

In her first podcast interview, Shannon Osika shows her strengths, weaknesses, and wonderful personality. This 1500m runner has improved steadily over her years as a professional athlete, and recently ran a 4:01 in the 1500m. Shannon shared her struggles as a teenager in a changing body, and why she thinks doing things you love outside of running is so important to long term happiness.

Jared Ward -161

Jared is back on the show, this time talking about his experience at the NYC marathon as well as what it was like to be on shark tank. We get into a conversation about how he realized he was becoming obsessed with his weight, and needed to get away from the scale. Another real, raw, powerful conversation.

Molly Huddle-169

Molly Huddle is known for her serious speed as the former American Record Holder in the 10K (and formerly 5K), and with a PR of 2:26 in the marathon, and one of the contenders for the Olympic Team in the marathon in 2020. In this conversation though, we go so much further than results. We talk about why Molly is speaking out about issues she had previously kept quiet on. We discussed letting go of mistakes you made, even if they cause you an injury that could have serious long term implications. We talk about the sport of running, and why we have to stop athletes doping, and how she feels going into the trials with no restriction on the type of shoes other athletes can wear. With just over a month to go until the Olympic Trials, this is well worth a listen.

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