Rich Roll is a fount of wisdom, a cultural figure in the podcast world, an icon in endurance sports, and a champion for plant-based lifestyles. Although in college he’d been one of the top swimmers in the country and later a lawyer, his life became interrupted by alcoholism. So it wasn’t until his 40’s that Rich retook the reigns of his life and started exploring veganism and endurance sports. 
Now an accomplished athlete, author, podcast host, and father of four, Rich is best known for his humble curiosity and ease of conversation. The community he’s created has transcended beyond endurance sports and into nutrition, mindfulness, sobriety, entrepreneurship, climate, and bringing people together to discuss hard topics of our current world. 
But his journey wasn’t an overnight success straight into Ironmans and Ultras. It’s been a series of smaller choices added up over the years. This is what makes Rich special. It’s easy to see the humanity in him and see parts of yourself reflected in his story.
In this conversation, Rich and Tina dive into the power of vulnerability and finding joy and meaning by exploring the edges of your comfort zone.

One Foot In Front of the Other 

 “The best time for doing anything, if not yesterday, is today.” — Rich Roll
You have to be willing to begin something without knowing where it’s going to lead you, says Rich. Dropping all expectations tied to the result and falling in love with the process of starting something new. This is true for Rich’s athletic feats as much as his career. 
It’s easy to get paralyzed by getting too wrapped up in what the ultimate destination looks like, whether it’s a race or a career goal, that you prevent yourself from the space to imagine the possibilities along the way. “I’ve learned that when you move forward, goops open and opportunities present themselves,” Rich said. “But if you don’t take that first step because you’re waiting for those opportunities before you begin, they’re never going to materialize.”

Be You 

“There’s no one else in the universe that is you. Your unique perspective on yourself, humanity, and the planet is valuable. Nobody else has your experience,” says Rich.
The things you put out into the world are a reflection of who you are. By being honest and vulnerable about it, it resonates with other people because they see themselves in you. But vulnerability takes courage. For Rich, his podcast platform is a safe place guests can be open and feel comfortable being honest with their story. 
“True strength can only be summoned through acknowledging the problem and allowing yourself to experience whatever you’re feeling.”
For Rich, honesty, and sincerity are taking the form of speaking up about current events. He shared new directions he’s exploring with his podcast about being part of the positive change in the world and not shying away from issues but trying to tackle them not in a political or activist way, but as someone trying to have a meaningful conversation about difficult things. 
It’s these moments of discomfort and truthfulness that give our lives meaning. Challenging ourselves, our ideas, and bodies. Putting ourselves in positions to strive and fail so we can learn who we are at our core. 

There’s No Prescription 

Rich says it’s important to stay grounded with practices that allow us to lead more authentic lives. There’s no prescription, it’s different for everyone. Whether it’s time alone on a trail, journaling, or meditation, it’s like putting on the oxygen mask on yourself first so that you can be the best version of yourself and maximum service to other people. 
Tina and Rich both agree that finding ways to live life mindfully and purposefully allows them to be better parents, coworkers, and friends. Finding moments of stillness and reflection helps them stay connected with the real reasons they fell in love with their endeavors, whether it’s podcasting, running, or other feats. 

Voicing Change 

Rich is someone who aligns his actions with his values. Most recently, he’s embodying this with his latest book, Voicing Change. It’s a compilation of timeless wisdom and inspiration lifted from his podcast guests over the years. Evergreen stories of ordinary people who through vulnerability and courage, have some extraordinary wisdom to share. 


Voicing Change by Rich Roll

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