There are some names in the running world that become almost technical words within the sport, because they are so well known. Just like tempo run or PR, the names of both my guests today have had big impacts on our running world.

Max King has been winning races for decades. In almost every distance, terrain, elevation you can think of. Max has truly stood out through the test of time, as one of the greats, particularly within the mountain, trail, and ultra running world. Max has an approach to running that all of us need to be reminded of; that running should be fun, running should be changing constantly, and new things should be an integral part of your life. Max has never been afraid of taking on new challenges, finding ways to keep running interesting, because really, that is the only way to lifelong happiness within it.

James McKirdy has built a coaching empire within just a few years. With 25 coaches, many elite and professional runners, sharing their secrets, there are now hundreds of athletes on the McKirdy trained team, all growing and becoming their own best selves.

Both of these runners are real, honest, and refreshing. This conversation may have taken some darker turns, but it is full of laughs, feel good moments, and OUCH moments. This podcast may not be your typical live show, but it will certainly be enjoyable. Be ready to laugh your way through the hard part of your next run.

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