Matt B. Davis is widely known in the Obstacle Course racing world and is the founder and face of Obstacle Racing Media and is also the podcast host.  Matt is also race director for numerous Obstacle Course races.

Matt has an incredible sense of humor and there is a lot of laughter in this episode.  But this episode is about a serious topic that is not talked about often enough, depression, especially bipolar disease.  Matt shows incredible bravery in telling his story and this is an important discussion for all of us to participate in so we can learn and be available to help others in our lives when they are ready for taking the step to get help.

Today’s Guest

Matt B. Davis, former stand-up-comic, Journalist, and Obstacle Course racer is the co-founder, face and voice of Obstacle Racing Media.  He is also the podcast host of the Atlanta Podcast and of Tough Mudder Facebook Live.  He and His wife and 3 kids live in Atlanta.

What you will learn about:

  • Why Matt thinks you should try an obstacle race and how you never regret trying something new
  • How Matt discovered in December 2016 that he suffered from bipolar disease when he went into a severe depression after a manic episode.  He made comments on his podcasts and Facebook about how he was suffering and was amazed at the overwhelming support he got from his listeners.
  • Depression gives you the sense that you have been let into a secret, and the secret is life is meaningless.
  • Running would allow him to shut off his brain a little bit, but most of the time he was still feeling that it was useless. 
  • He got help by attending an outpatient program, reluctantly, at the time attending group therapy sessions.
  • All you can do is meet the person where they are at, and offer to give them whatever help they are ready to accept.  Let them know you are available for them in whatever they need.  
  • Things to recognize if a friend is headed down the path of depression:  lacking in communication/avoiding communication; if they stop taking medications is a big one.
  • Yoga and meditation, gratitude lists are all helpful in dealing with depression.  Get your friends to participate in a Gratitude List circle as it can give you even more insight.  Send your gratitude lists to your friends.

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Inspirational Quotes:

All you can do to help someone is to meet them where they are; if they are not ready for help there is little you can do to push them toward change.

Running absolutely helped me and I don’t know that I would be here without it.

We all need that one person in our life we can confide in and share with, and it is probably best if it is not your spouse.


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