Angie and Trevor from Marathon Training Academy have really set the gold standard when it comes to running podcasts. I have listened to them for years, and have had the luxury of being on their podcast twice. They are so easy to chat to, and I always end up laughing my way through.

This time was no exception, but through all the laughs, they give lots of great advice, especially for beginning runners hoping to race their first marathon. We talk about everything from what qualifies you as a “real runner” to what to tell yourself when you are in the starting area of a race to make sure nerves do not overtake you.

We talk about how to make sure running does not become your whole identity, and why we need to stop trying to keep up with people we admire, and instead look into our own lives and what we can do to be our best runner.

Oh, and in case you are wondering, Trevor does have a website, and does love the Tupelo marathon (you will see what I mean when you listen in!).

This is for you if you love to travel and race marathons. Angie and Trevor give lots of suggestions for marathons to try if you are looking for something different, as well as advice for newer runners getting ready for their first marathon.

Today’s Guest

Angie and Trevor from Marathon Training Academy

The Marathon Training Academy podcast is one of the best known running podcasts out there. I interview the hosts and running celebrities to pick their brains about the best advice for runners they have learned through the seven years they have been hosting the podcast and racing marathons.

What You Will Learn About

  • Angie and Trevor’s favorite, weirdest, best post race food, toughest marathon
  • What makes you a real runner? What do you need to do to qualify as a runner?
  • Why putting cues in your environment will help you stay committed
  • How to stop running becoming your whole identity
  • Why our egos get us in trouble
  • How to handle pre race nerves

Listen to the Running for Real Podcast

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Angie and Trevor’s #R4RPowerPose

Inspirational Quotes

You can gut your way through a 5k, especially if you are not trying to run the top speed, training for a half marathon is challenging, but if you look at the marathon, less than 1% of the population will complete a marathon in their lifetime.- Angie

It’s a daunting challenge, it’s an epic challenge, but it is one that is within reach to most people, that really makes it unique. – Trevor

There is something to be said about respecting the distance of a marathon. no matter how many you have run. You could go out there one day and run a marathon and it just humbles you, so much could go wrong. -Trevor

If you have run marathons, you have this superpower to the larger population around you. -Trevor

If you do any amount of running and you identify yourself as a runner, you are a runner. There isn’t any level you have to attain. -Angie

You are a runner if you decide to be and you begin to form that identity, and then running becomes easier because if you identify as a runner, you are going to be more prone to get your shoes on, lace them up, and go out there, as you want to live in congruency with your identity.- Trevor

Ego gets us in trouble when we take a good thing, like running, and make it into an ultimate thing, so that so much of our self-worth and feelings about ourself is based on that area. It can be crushing if you start to experience setbacks in your pursuit to reaching that ultimate thing we set for ourselves. -Trevor

Whatever happens during the race, it is still really amazing that you get to be there and so many people wish they could be in that position, gratitude is such a big part of it.- Angie

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