Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel is someone making waves at the intersection of sport and advocacy. She’s a fourth-generation Lower Brule Sioux Tribe runner doing her heart’s work in using running to amplify voices and representation of Black, Brown, Asian, Muslim, Two-Spirit, Immigrant, LGBTQ, and people with disabilities. Jordan believes transformational change comes from the intersectionality of these groups. That each community must have an equal voice in the conversations around social, environmental, and economic justice. 
In this episode, Jordan traces her childhood growing up on a reservation in South Dakota, to later moving to Maine and facing prejudice and racism. The invisibility and systems of oppression she witnessed, led her to move to Washington D.C. and help bring Indigenous communities and other marginalized groups seats at the table and voice to be included in discussions. That’s where she founded Rising Hearts, a grass-roots group elevating collaborative efforts among all racial, social, climate, and economic justice movements. 
Jordan’s running life is heavily influenced by her grandfather and mother because running is embedded in Indigenous tradition. That’s when she realized running was her vehicle for drawing support and education around Indigenous rights. In the 2019 Boston Marathon, Jordan painted a red hand on her face to bring to the spotlight the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women (MMIW) movement. For each mile of that race, she honored a different missing and murdered Indigenous womxn, girls, two-spirits, and relatives affected by MMIW, and the last 0.2 miles for her grandfather. Through running and advocacy, Jordan is striving to pave the way for new Indigenous athletes. 


 1. Movements are intersectional. We must show up for each other with strength in numbers. 
 2. Dismantling racism and systems of oppression must be done through work in un-learning, re-learning, and building a better future. 
 3. Be proactive. Have conversations with family and friends about anti-racism, open up a discussion at the dinner table, and teach kids at a young age. But come at this from a good place, not a place of frustration and anger.
 4. Following, supporting, amplifying, donating, and centering are all ways to support marginalized communities. 


  • “We don’t want to cancel people out, we want to bring people in.” — Jordan 
  • “It’s heart work, not hard work.” — Jordan


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