James Lawrence, AKA The Iron Cowboy, does not shy away from a challenge. Running 50 ironmans (140.6 miles) in 50 days in 50 different states (yep, you read that correctly), is not exactly for the faint of heart. I know what you are thinking (I was thinking the same thing), He must be incredibly talented, resilient, strong. But actually, James genuinely believes he is genetically average. He just believes in taking on challenges that find your limit, and he has an iron grit that allows him to just keep on going. We talk about James’ experience completing this unbelievable event and discuss the self-doubt that can creep in when people are judging and attacking you that can threaten to rip us apart from the inside out.

James then goes on to share about his experience in The World’s Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Fiji with his team, Iron Cowboy. Covering 416 miles of oceans, jungles, rivers, mountains, and more, all in 10 days.

Which one was truly tougher? How did he handle the experience when he went from three events he knew well (running, biking, swimming), to most totally unknown activities he had never tried before? If you have ever wondered how you would get on in the Worlds Toughest Race, this will show you, and make you reconsider what you thought were your ultimate limits. If you need a dose of inspiration during a time there is a lot pulling us down, this is for you.


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