Somehow it is here, episode 100 of the Running For Real Podcast, and today, you have a special episode to celebrate that.

I thought about bringing on a big time guest, but that has been done by every other podcast, and one thing about Running For Real is that it is exactly that, REAL. So, I thought I would give you a REAL conversation between two friends who are catching up. I recently won the Walt Disney World Half Marathon, and my book, Overcoming Amenorrhea is now out in the world.

These are the most popular running podcast episodes, and you always request more, so hopefully you enjoy this chat between friends, and feel like you have two running buddies with you on your run today. When you run alone every day, it can be a lonely running existence, I hope this episode makes you feel a part of something.

Let’s celebrate!


Overcoming Amenorrhea: Get Your Period Back. Get Your Life Back.

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The wonderful sponsor for this episode is ME about my new book.
Overcoming Amenorrhea: Get Your Period Back. Get Your Life Back. 
My new book is out in the world!

Thanks for Listening! I hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

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