This bonus episode is a unique crossover-type with an interesting backstory. It started with someone on social media (shoutout to Chip) tagging Tina and Chris Gethard and saying, “You are two of my favorite people, both pushing for kindness and empathy in the world and working very hard to make it a better place. I just wanted you both to meet someday. Maybe a crossover podcast.” So that’s what we did.
Chris Gethard is a well-known comedian and actor. He hosted a show called The Chris Gethard Show and now hosts a podcast called Beautiful/Anonymous: 1 phone call. 1 hour. No names. No holds barred.
“We did in fact understand one another on a very deep level,” Tina said. “In a strange way, beautiful anonymous. We had a beautiful conversation, and before Chip tagged us in a tweet, we were anonymous to one another. This is one of my favorite interviews of all time.”

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In this episode we cover…
  • Chris shares that while he’s not a runner due to nail-patella syndrome affecting his knees, elbows, and hands, very interested in how running is a platform that promotes empathy and kindness. Part of this is that his work has leaned on empathy too because he grew up feeling like he didn’t belong, and even a little “freakish” and feeling like an outsider. He shares that his direction with comedy and Tina’s direction of her running and podcast both overlap in empathy. [10:00]
  • Empathy for the inner critic. Chris shares his story of being bullied as a child, while Tina recounts the endless headspace during long solo runs that allowed self-criticism to sink in. Together they discuss how empathy can help us be kinder to ourselves and the people around us. Being the kind of friend that others sometimes can’t be to themselves. [15:00]
  • Chris shares how comedians have a responsibility to reflect on the attitudes and the current times and connect with the audiences. How growing up in a very including and diverse neighborhood helped him connect easily with people of all backgrounds. [34:40]
  •  At a time when late-night show writing rooms and staff were largely made out of white men, Chris on the other hand shared, “I had female representation, always had queer representation. I hired people who had immigrated to America who weren’t born here. I was doing that because that gives me more ideas. I don’t need to hire other people who have my life experience.” [47:00]
  • Everybody out there has something going on. “Doing Beautiful Anonymous has taught me is I have to assume that other people are having a rough time or in their heads about something… I have to lean into the idea that if I can let my ego and my needs go and assume that other people might be dealing with something and to give them the ultimate benefit of the doubt.” [44:55]
At a crossroads. In this serendipitous episode Tina and Chris who have never met before and come from completely different backgrounds, realized they share similar crossroads. Chris is asking himself if he wants to return to comedy while Tina is asking herself if she wants to return to professional running. They both ask, “how do I keep going?” and“how do I bring the joy back?”
Enjoy this episode about how a runner and a comedian actually do have a lot in common and are both exploring projects that feel right and do good in the world. 

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