Excited to welcome Beth Pascall on the show, who just finished 7th overall and first woman at the 2021 Western States endurance race. She placed a record as second fastest female ever on the 100-mile run with a time of 17 hours, 10 minutes, and 41 seconds. Beth is a British pediatrician and took time off from her job as a doctor and spent 10 weeks in the US training for Western States. Beth even got married a few days after her Western States finish.
Beth also recently won the Canyons 100K and holds the FKT for the Bob Graham Round with a time of 14 hours and 34 minutes. 
“The mental preparation is just important as a physical preparation.” –Beth Pascall

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In this episode we cover…
  • The logistics Beth had to go through for training for Western States, the actual race, her wedding right after the race, and her work as a pediatrician. 
  • How trying different sports helps you in athletic performance. For Beth it was trying rowing, cycle touring and triathlon, until she found ultra-endurance running. 
  • “I don’t think I ever really believed I could Western States until 2018 when I got picked.”
  •  The importance of confidence. “I came to realize that I thought my confidence was affecting my results because I truly never thought I could do well in a race. Just having people around me that really believed in me and gave me that confidence.”
  • She’s done 250-mile distances which add the sleep deprivation element into it 
  • “It’s possible to keep going and also learning to listen to your body, that way you’ll know what it feels like when you need to back off.”


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