Mark “Mace” Macy and his son, Travis competed in the Worlds Toughest Race. Except their story goes deeper to make it more motivating, powerful, and inspiring than any other competitor in the race. Mace was diagnosed with Alzheimers a few years ago, and Eco Challenge Fiji was potentially his last race. Being a legendary adventure racer who had competed in many Worlds Toughest Race events before, Mace knew he could handle the toughness aspect, but how would his mind and body handle the challenges of pushing to the limit. This conversation with Travis and Mark involves going over the race, but then so much more about dealing with the challenges of Alzheimers, which currently affects one in ten Americans over 65 and is expected to affect 14 million Americans by 2050.

We talk about the reality of having this challenge come up for their family, and how Mace thought it would never happen to him, being the epitome of health and fitness. Mace gives his advice for people who are working through the challenge of Alzheimers and both Mark and Travis have advice for family members to be supportive. We talk about the grieving process that is occurs upon diagnosis. How it is natural and normal to experience that feeling. And Mace, keeping the fun always, tells us a funny story from the race. This episode covers a serious topic, but these two remain upbeat and positive. A great lesson for life, and one I am proud to share on this podcast.


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