Sika Henry is proof that we can speak our goals into existence. If there’s anyone who exemplifies persistence and determination, it’s Sika. After years of training, a serious bike, crash, and even a pandemic, in May 2021 Sika became the first U.S. Black Female Professional Triathlete.  In this episode, Sika shares how she started as a college walk-on, to the workaholic life in New York City, to then come back to sports as a marathoner, and now a triathlete.  
“I believe in speaking things into existence. No matter how crazy it sounds, just put it out there. The worst that can happen is it doesn’t happen. And then so what, even if you feel embarrassed by it, it’s like, who cares? At least you had the guts to attempt it and go after it.” –Sika Henry

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In this episode we cover…
  • Sika’s childhood and early life as an athlete, she shares how she didn’t peak until a few years into college but that she never quit on her dreams. 
  • The power of cross training swimming and biking have had on her running abilities.
  • The intensity of triathlon as a sport. She shares that even “recovery days” entail swimming and an easy run. It’s intense weeks and weeks of training. 
  • Sika opens up about her serious bike crash that landed her in the hospital and put a pause on her dreams of becoming a professional triathlete. 
  • It was with encouragement that she got back on her feet. She knew becoming pro would be a huge step in Triathlon for her to be an example for younger generations and represent inclusivity and diversity in the sport that only until last month didn’t have a black woman as a professional athlete in the United States. 
  • She shares that only 0.5% of the sport is made up of Black people and that 64% of Blacks lack basic swimming skills. Sika shares the importance of supporting organizations that are making strides in aquatics and swimming accessibility.
  • Organizations Sika recommends: Diversity in Aquatics and Black Kids Swim


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