An exploration of the present and future of sustainable road racing.

First, through the storytelling of the environmental impact of a single large-scale marathon, told by Shelley Villalobos, Managing Director of Council for Responsible Sport. Second, a discussion on current and future state of the sustainable efforts of road racing with Michael Nishi, COO of Chicago Event Management, the producers of the Bank of America Chicago Marathon. Then, a breakdown and call to action on how the listener can take immediate next steps on being an active participant in making the world of road races a more sustainable place. Finally, a reading from Jordan Marie Daniel, leader of the Indigenous grassroot organization Rising Hearts, as she discusses the vision of creating a socially, economically and environmentally just world.

Meet the guests:

Shelley Villalobos

  • Managing Director at Council for Responsible Sport
  • Training for her first marathon

Michael Nishi

  • Chief Operating Officer & Partner at Chicago Event Management
    • Bank of America Chicago Marathon
    • Bank of America Chicago 13.1
    • Bank of America Shamrock Shuffle

Jordan Marie Brings Three White Horses Daniel

  • Lakota Winyan
  • Founder of Rising Hearts – donate here
  • Altra, Rabbit, and Ultimate Direction Sponsored Athlete

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Calls to action:

      1. Choose races that have sustainable operating practices
      2. E-mail your race organizers and ask, “when are you providing a carbon offset option?” (not if!)
      3. Until that’s an option, visit – to offset your flight and hotel
      4. Donate: Runners for Public Land, they’re building a national movement of runners dedicated to environmental justice, climate and public lands advocacy, and conservation work. Visit for more information.


If you take action and do one of our suggested takeaways, tell us! We would love to hear what you did, and how it changed you. Tag us in a post on Instagram or email to share.

Running Realized is hosted by Tina Muir and Knox Robinson. Produced by Jon Phillips. Original music, sound design, and mix by Daniel Brunelle. Edited by Gordon Bramli. Cover image created by Mari De Monte and Toby Kelleher.

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