Learning about other runners is great. It inspires us and fuels us to keep pushing hard to goals. But what about when you just want to learn how to make yourself a better runner, how to train better and smarter to go reach your big goals?

These episodes are focused on the training itself and how you can make steps towards your goals. Listen to these experts share their advice for how to get the most out of your body without overdoing it and ending up overtraining.

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Jeff Galloway-84

Jeff Galloway, former Olympic runner and professional running coach, ran his fastest ever marathon at the age of 35 running a 2:16…taking walk breaks! Jeff hasn’t dealt with a running injury in over 40 years and has coached over 1 million runners to feel as great about running as he does. We talk about his secrets to success, what keeps him passionate about running after all these years, and why he feels the Run Disney events are some of the best races out there.

Steve Magness- 98

Steve Magness, college coach, elite coach, and author already wears many hats and he doesn’t even want to stop there. I was very fortunate to even have this amazing interview with Steve, as I had just ran into him by chance at a conference. We discuss many things about running and how many people may rely on their watch TOO much while running. This can’t be the case to improve your running times. Steve suggests we need to build our bodies to know how to run at a certain pace without relying on our watches. #Nowatchme

Nick Anderson-101What an amazing man Nick Anderson is! Nick has been a coach to a variety of runners, beginners and Olympians alike. More recently Nick has coached the Great Britain team in the world half marathon. He founded “Running With Us” and helps to coach many to get to the next level. I love how he explains it in the podcast, no matter what level you are at, the fundamentals of running and training for a marathon are the same. He discusses the many ways to improve times by becoming a well rounded runner.

Ray McClanahan- 103

Here, we are speaking with Dr. Ray McClanahan, a surgeon, the inventor of the correct toes and now turned researcher. In the episode we talk about how modern day shoes may be the underlying causes of many foot injuries. Not just from being a runner but everyday life as well. Even though you may think that your regular shoes may be the cause of your foot pain it could actually be your running shoes. Ray provides us helpful tips in staying away from these injuries for life and to be in the correct shoes.

Amy Bender- 107

Sleep. Would you ever imagine this could be the most important aspect of your training? Well, it is! In speaking with sleep expert, Amy Bender, she breaks down how to fall asleep, guidelines on naps, and how to handle stress.

Megan and David Roche- 109

When we start putting together goals in our lives they can turn out to be challenging, frustrating, disappointing, and just plain unfulfilling. Megan and David Roche guide us in this episode in how to bring the pure JOY to our lives. I believe there are challenges placed in front of us for a reason and we CAN take on all of them if we have the right tools. Come and listen to the creators of SWAP and take on the world!

Steve Picucci- 125

Today we were able to enjoy answering questions from you for my husband Steve Picucci, my running coach and a collegiate coach. The questions went from how it truly is being my coach and my husband at the same time to questions about our lovely Bailey. Come and have a listen!

Greg McMillan-130

I love hearing from the many coaches out there and their many perspectives though. Greg McMillan of McMillan Running, who has been coaching for more than 30 years may have some great insights for you. Whether you are a young, old, new, or an elite runner, you should NOT compare yourself to others, your run is the way you do it. It is unique to you.

Jay Dicharry-170

Jay Dicharry is one of America’s leading physical therapists, and for years, he has been the one to watch. He is the one who is helping us to get stronger, faster, and better with our running form. He is by far the most knowledgeable person on this topic I have ever spoken to, and he is here to tell us to stop neglecting our feet. We are going to find out just how much of a difference it can make to our running, and why it’s not just a case of finding a shoe that fits well.

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