The second BONUS episode of the week is my LIVE panel hosted by Generation UCAN during NYC Marathon weekend. Listen to my conversation with Emily Abbate, Carrie Tollefson, and Angie Spencer for a marathon focused chat. We share embarrassing stories, best moments, moments we considered quitting, fueling issues, and much more. If you are thinking about training for your first marathon, there is a lot in here that will help you prepare for the day. If this is your 50th marathon or anything in between, you will likely resonate with a lot of the conversations we had here.

There were a few resounding themes that came back into the conversation again and again; appreciation for the ability to do this, laughing at runners for actually enjoying putting themselves through pain, and the camaraderie that comes with our sport. We answer a lot of listener questions at the end, maybe many of which you have wondered yourself.

Join this fun, light, heartwarming chat between podcasters, and use it to reflect back on what you have learned through your marathon journey. You have become a better person through what you have experienced, use it to build on your future.

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Thanks for Listening! I hope you enjoyed today’s episode.

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