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Podcasts are great and all, but what about the real change we talked about?

You’re at the Starting Line

There is no hope in tackling the climate emergency if we can’t talk openly and honestly about what’s causing it, as well as our potential and limits for changing it. That’s what we aim to do with Running for Real’s coverage of the environmental crisis. 

Much like going through the stages of grief, the climate emergency is difficult to wrap our heads around and can feel like a daunting endeavor. But what we must understand is that we’re each at our own starting line. It doesn’t matter if you started the run yesterday or if you are choosing to start today. What’s important is you decided to run. That is the real starting line.

The environmental crisis is a series of decisions. Decisions and choices individuals, companies, and governments have the power to make. At Running for Real we bring experts such as Dr. Margaret Klein Salamon who helps us unpack and honestly discuss what we as individuals have control over, what we don’t have control over, and what our governing bodies must accomplish. We hope to make it a little easier for you to focus your efforts on what you can control and have an effect on. 

Some of you might be toeing the starting line and feeling anxious about the journey ahead, while others might be farther in the run but are on the brink of giving up just thinking about how much is still left to go. Just remember why you started. The resolve and joy when you first decided to get to the starting block and do something for our home planet. While a lot of damage is already done, we can dedicate this long marathon to running toward life. Toward a better planet for future generations.

Here you can find a collection of resources that have something for everyone. In addition to voting for candidates who prioritize the climate emergency at local, state, and national levels, this is a good place to start.